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natacha creative

A reservoir of natural creativity, Natacha was almost born with a brush in her hand. Like her famous mother, a living legend of Quebec song, she has undoubtedly become just as important in the field of decorative painting and creative hobbies through her work and her dedication. After studying interior design and a veritable encyclopedia of decorating ideas, she was a columnist in several media here in Quebec and in Europe until the creation of one of her dreams, the Quebec magazine COUP DE PINCEAU, the leading magazine of the decorative painting in Quebec. A big-hearted woman with a generosity as great as the choice of colors and materials in her studio, she showcases Quebec artists on all platforms where she can have fun. But where does she find her inspiration? All over! But above all with his family, his most precious treasure, which like everything else is embellished with his love and his color. His favorite colour? Surely that of the apple of his eye, his adored grandson Noah!




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