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Lisa Montmigny qui adore le DIY Peinture à la craie Colorantic
I’ve always been passionate about the arts, being able to create unique things that stand out from the crowd. So despite the fact that I did not choose a profession related to my artistic side, I could never bring myself to put it aside, I have various hobbies related to crafts. I’m an intense person and when I get started on a project I like to learn all I can about a topic and try new things. The upgrading of furniture did not happen by chance in my life, I had my first experiences with my mother when I was younger and then when I went into an apartment I had my own experiences, telling myself that It is not because I have little means that I am obliged to have furniture that I do not like, in addition it allowed me to have unique furniture that represents me. But what I like above all is being able to keep furniture that has a lived experience and memories that I surely would not have kept otherwise since tastes change over the years. When I had my first baby, I inherited my great-grandmother’s bureau, which I had when I was a child, to me it is one of the greatest gifts full of history.
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