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Lisa-Marie Tanguay - Instant de Bonheur

Lisa-Marie Tanguay works as an artisan at Instant de bonheur. Instant de Bonheur is a young Quebec company that specializes in furniture restoration.

Lisa-Marie Tanguay is full of ideas, passionate about decoration, antiques and flowers. His challenge is to give furniture and objects a second life. In addition, Lisa aims for people to be able to create their own universe from recycled objects and furniture. She specializes in the restoration of furniture and objects.
For over 4 years now, Lisa and her company have been on a mission to give lost furniture and objects a second life.
Let yourself be charmed by these unique products made from the recycled materials. Follow and read her blogs for a step-by-step guide to her furniture restoration and transformation journey.

What Happiness to do as well as admire!
Also, follow her on social media to meet with exceptional people and to hear the stories they have to tell.

You can also visit her at Website to learn more about her services and achievements.

If you have any questions, comments or would like information on the Instant de Bonheur online store or furniture,
write to us at Lisamarie.tanguay3@hotmail.com and we will get back to you.


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