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The 2021 Colorantic advent calendar, a collaboration with Baloubab.
This year for its 5 years Colorantic celebrates in style, and offers you its very first Advent Calendar, in collaboration with the talented artist Marie-Joëlle Lambert, from Créations et Déco Baloubab.
This family activity box allows you to create your own Christmas ornament for your tree, an activity that young and old will love!
It contains

2 metallic colors 2 oz
Set of 5 small artist brushes
24 wooden ornament and ties to decorate
2 oz varnish
10 colors of chalk paints 2 oz
1 image transfer 2 oz
24 drawings to transfer onto wooden ornament

Steps to follow

Apply the transfer gel to the surface
Apply the decal to the surface
Wipe off excess gel by smoothing out air bubbles and creases on the decal
Let stand 24 hours
Use a sponge soaked in hot water to soak the decal sheet
Remove the paper backing, lightly rub the residue in a circular fashion.
Paint your Christmas ornament
Add a finishing product to protect the image (varnish)

For this family activity, we invited none other than Miss Planif, formerly Miss Coupon.
Miss Coupon :
I was accompanied by my partner and my DIY queen Kelly my four years old daughter, I had the chance to discover Colorantic products for the first time with them on this project.
Here are the positive points that marked me the most;
– The painting is handmade in Quebec, in Victoriaville
– The paint is not toxic! Made from water, very low in VOC.
– It dries very quickly, it’s practical with Kelly who always has 1001 projects in progress!
– The colors are really beautiful, especially the metallic ones, I would put them everywhere at home!
Finishing !


The very first Colorantic Advent Calendar is a great project to do to get in the holiday mood. To listen to Christmas music without moderation!
Colorantic wooden Christmas ornaments will be a memory that you can cherish year after year, and why not make it a tradition!
Subscribe to Miss Planif here
We thank our guests for taking part in the game, and for sharing this moment with us.

Jessy Gendron

Who am I by the way: I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children, a 4 year old little girl and a 7 year old big boy. They have been the center of my life since their birth. I am a former hairdresser who still loves to cut hair! I am a hypersensitive, humanist,  who is always ready to help others. Decoration, clothing and hair are areas that have always attracted me. Everything related to creation makes me vibrate and makes me forget my anxieties for a moment. What helps me get through the storms in my head are running, praying, and painting furniture. I love to transform! I find a lot of stuff in the garbage and I imagine them with a new look and that gives me a feeling of lightness. I would like to add hours to my days to paint more. Sometimes I paint at night to advance my work and play with my children during the day. During my long sleepless nights I imagine, among other things, how I will transform the furniture that is in my garage. I am passionionate! Saving the planet is also on my priority list. Restoring, repainting and reusing gives me a sense of accomplishment or relieves me of guilt. Here is who I am!


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