Starter Bundle 2 (5 items)


Starter Bundle 2 (5 items)

This package includes an 8 oz size of the chalk paint color of your choice, a 4 oz size of the metallic paint color of your choice, a 4 oz natural beeswax, a 16mm wax brush, a Snow White brush.

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Starter Bundle 2 (5 items)

The Colorantic team has developed our own unique Colorantic chalk paint recipe to provide you with the best possible chalk paint on the market.

It’s easy to paint furniture and interior design projects with Colorantic™ products! Even if you’re just starting out on your first project, or are now an expert, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with our products. Our chalk paint with chalky matte finish contains no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Means that it contains no solvent that will propagate in gaseous form in the atmosphere. Added colorants contain only trace amounts. Our chalk paint is non-toxic, lead-free and complies with Health Canada standards.

Colorantic™ requires little or no preparation depending on the project surface. We recommend a preparation product (such as Shellac) if your furniture dates from a previous era or has been in contact with smoke. Colorantic™ chalk paint has high coverage and dries quickly, so you can finish a project in no time.
The company also offers a variety of accessories. Such as brushes, cleaners & varnish remover, paint, hand soap and even stylish buttons to finish off your upholstery and restored furniture projects.
You can obtain these items separately or buy them as a set.

Colorantic offers a variety of batches for its customers.


Test pack 2 contains :


  • 8 oz chalk paint color of your choice x (1)
  • 4 oz. metallic paint color of your choice x (1)
  • natural beeswax 4 oz x (1)
  • wax brush 16mm x (1)
  • Snow White brush x (1)

These lots are designed with gifts in mind to stimulate your creativity. It’s the perfect gift for yourself or your favorite artist!

Find your local Colorantic dealer to buy our chalk-based paint.

If you don’t have a local retailer, we invite you to visit our ETSY online store to buy your Colorantic products.


Copper 4 oz, Silver 4 oz, Gold 4 oz, Blue 4 oz, Champagne 4 oz


Natural 4 oz

Wax brush

Wax brush 16mm


Snow White brush


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