Beginner’s gift set (7 items)


The Colorantic gift set is perfect for novice artists who want to discover our chalk-based paints for DIY furniture and interior decoration. This white, blue or grey gift box is composed mainly of our best-selling colors: Cotton ball, Ocean and Volcano. Made from high-quality Canadian products, Colorantic chalk paints are easy to use, very easy to clean and so much fun to apply. Create unique furnishings with Colorantic’s high-quality chalk and wax base brushes! Whether you’re refinishing old Vintage DIY furniture, painting a chest of drawers, an arts and crafts project, or need a high-quality paint that will help you create an antique and get the best results, think Colorantic.

Be sure to use an oil-based primer if you have gloss varnish, melamine or plastic underneath. Rule number 1. Our matte and chalky paints make painting smoother and more effective with unbeatable results. Try Colorantic’s oval and round chalk paint brushes for maximum results. To clean brushes, we recommend our tangerine-scented granular brush soap.

Beginner’s gift set (7 items)

This beginner’s gift set is perfect for a friend, family member or yourself!


7 Items Included
  • White: This starter kit contains 1 x 8 oz cotton ball chalk paint pure white, 1 x 2 oz Grey Storm wax, 1 x 16mm round wax brush, 1 x Snow White brush, 1 x 1 oz Cleaner, 1 x Matt varnish, 1 x Sanding block.
  • Blue: This starter kit contains 1 x 8 oz Ocean Pale Aqua Blue Chalk Paint, 1 x 2 oz Antique Brown Wax, 1 x 16mm Round Wax Brush, 1 x Snow White Brush, 1 x 1 oz Cleaner, 1 x Matte Varnish, 1 x Sanding Block.
  • Grey: This starter kit contains 1 x 8 oz Volcano Medium Warm Grey Chalk Paint, 1 x 2 oz Natural Beeswax Clear Wax, 1 x 16mm Round Wax Brush, 1 x Snow White Brush, 1 x 1 oz Cleaner, 1 x Matte Varnish, 1 x Sanding Block.

All these items are packaged in an attractive box. This set is perfect as a gift for those who’d like to try our Colorantic chalk paint.


The features
  • ECO RESPONSIBLE & NON TOXIC – Colorantic Vintage Paint complies with Canadian, American and worldwide standards and is non-toxic. Bases are VOC-free. Don’t hesitate to buy from the best chalk paint company. Colorantic products are perfect for dressers, cupboards, pantries, kitchen cabinets and decorative crafts. Our matte finishing paints are used for stencils, by artists, craftsmen, furniture restorers, interior decorators and more.
  • COVERAGE AND DRYING TIME – 20 to 30 square feet for an 8 oz for two coats of coverage. Depending on the nature and porosity of the chosen surface. 60 min drying time per coat. You can complete an entire project in half a day! This paint is like buttercream, so creamy and smooth.
  • ODOR-FREE – Colorantic chalk paint is totally odorless. Colorantic Vintage Paint is very concerned about the environment and the health of our customers. So you won’t get headaches or dizziness from the smell. You’ll love painting with our products!


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