Clearance Watches – Minor Damages


Men’s stainless silver and wood watch W31: Watch in stainless silver and wood, plastic ring cracked, repairable.

Brown Men’s Wooden Watch W17: Minor scratch on wood.

Wooden red sandal watch for Women W05: No defects, inventory liquidation.

Wooden zebra watch for Men W16A: No defects, inventory liquidation.

Women’s W43 white and silver ceramic watch: No flaws, very small woman’s wrist. 15-16 cm

Stainless silver and wood bracelet for women: No flaws, very small wrist for women. 15-16 cm

Dark ebony-walnut wood watch W29: Minor scratches on the wood.

***No exchange, no refund : FINAL SALE***



Clearance Watches – Minor Damages

Trendy wooden liquidation watch of the highest quality. This wooden watch for men is a perfect gift for your wedding, anniversary, special occasion, prom, graduation, for dad, party, Christmas, etc.

First of all, Fabrique Créative is a 100% Quebec company. We offer watches in maple, walnut,ebony, zebrawood and more. Imported, these watches for men, women and teenagers are of the highest quality. They are carefully selected and can be engraved on request. Watches have one thing in common: wood. These watches come in different types of wood: maple, walnut, ebony and red maple. What’s more, they’re imported quality watches with Japanese dials.

  • Material: walnut wood watch for men
  • Environmentally friendly thanks to high-quality materials for durability and performance in changing environments and temperatures
  • Equipped with battery and Miyota quartz movement (Japanese)
  1. Product type: Wooden watch
  2. Material: Walnut, zebra wood or ebony
  3. Genre: Wooden watch for women
  4. Center: Pure natural wood
  5. Frame and bracelet: Pure natural wood
  6. Descriptions: Ecological, Lightweight wood, Fashionable design, Wooden watch… Durable and long-lasting material.
  7. Fastener: Stainless steel
  8. Diameter: 50mm
  9. Bracelet: 210mmx23mm

***No engraving for watches in liquidation – minor breakages***

What’s more, giving a wooden watch is a sign of respect for our environment and nature, and is a gift that people really appreciate! Everyone can afford Fabrique Créative quality wooden watches!

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W31 Men's Wood and Stainless Silver Watch, Brown wooden watch W17, Watch in dark walnut-ebony wood W29, Wood and stainless steel bracelet for women, Women's white ceramic watch W43, Brown zebra wood watch W16A, Sandal red wooden watch for women W5