Bundle of 4 New Fall-Winter 2022 Colours


Colorantic’s bundle No. 4 Includes:  

  • Pumpkin Spice (a soft burned orange colour)
  • Lace (A Eggshell White colour)
  • Dolphin (a Grey-Blue Tender colour)
  • Autumn Plum (a deep eggplant purple)
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Bundle of 5 new Fall 2021 Colours - 4 oz Chalk Based Paint

Colorantic offers a variety of bundles for its customers. One of them is its new fall colours chalk based paint bundle named as " Bundle of 5"

Colorantic's bundle No. 5 Includes:  

  • Pumpkin Spice (a soft bruned orange colour)
  • Lace (A Eggshell White colour)
  • Cactus (a spicy green colour)
  • Dolphin (a Grey-Blue Tender colour)
  • Mocha (A medium brown, mixed of Cappuccino and Truffle colour)

A special price is offered for this beautiful gift box.
Colorantic’s team has developed our own unique chalk-based paint recipe to provide you with the best chalk-based paint possible on the market.

It is easy to paint furniture and home decor craft projects with Colorantic™’s products! Even if you are starting your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products. The company also suggests a variety of accessories such as paintbrushes, cleaner & varnish remover, paint, hand soap, and even stylish knobs to finalize your upholstery and restored furniture projects.

You can get these items separately or buy them as a bundle.

These bundles are designed by keeping in mind the gifts to boost your creativity. This is a perfect gift to give yourself or to your favorite artist!
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