Colorantic Magazine – Volume 2


Colorantic magazine is the most comprehensive French-language magazine on the market! It contains all the information you need to get started with chalk paints, waxes, varnishes, glitter and more. You’ll learn a variety of techniques and read about before-and-after photos of your favorite artists! A real gem of information in these 60 pages that took over 2 years to write! Give the gift of learning!

***Please note that the magazine is in virtual format only!

Colorantic magazine has taken more than 2 years to write to bring you the most comprehensive magazine on furniture refinishing with Colorantic products.

This virtual magazine is a real goldmine for beginners and advanced enthusiasts alike.

You will learn :


Brushes and accessories



Painting fabric, leather and leatherette

Finishing products

Image transfer

Chalkboard paint

Before-and-after projects by celebrity influencers



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