Wooden bow tie center Fabric Grey Wave Set Adult Man

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These wooden bow ties for Adult Men with grey fabric wave set, handkerchief and cufflinks are made in China and have a very special and original design: the wood is vagued! We chose walnut (brown) as the wood species. What’s more, they’re highly original! Set includes wave bow, pocket handkerchief and two cufflinks in wood and stainless steel. All wooden bow ties have been selected and designed by our Quebec and Canadian employees.

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Vague Homme Adulte Set – Grey Fabric + Handkerchief + Cufflinks

This collection is for the fashion-conscious man. This look combines the modern with the rustic for all occasions. Weddings, proms, graduations, christenings, special events, outings, sports teams, businessmen, tie suit replaced by bow tie suit. Any occasion is a good one to wear a wooden bow tie , they’re so comfortable! At the time of purchase, you can choose between maple or walnut knots, reclaimed woods from Quebec.

The wooden bow tie for adults has a velcro-free black band with retractable metal fasteners. The wooden bow tie for adults is 4.5 inches long by 2 inches high. The elastic neck has a length that can go up to an XL neck, since it has a plastic fastener. This adjustable fastening and the very light weight of our wooden bow ties make these trendy items extremely comfortable to wear, provoking much less of a tightening sensation than a tie. They’ll charm even the most demanding!

The centers of imported wave nodes are fixed and do not allow the central fabric to be changed. On the other hand, for special occasions, no matter what your wardrobe is, you’ll be sure to turn heads with a complete wooden bow tie for every occasion (weddings, proms, graduations, christenings, special events, outings, sports teams, businessmen)!

Your man will be a real eye-catcher with this eco-friendly bow tie made of Quebec-designated wood!

What’s more, giving a wooden accessory is a sign of respect for our environment and for nature, and it’s a gift that people really appreciate! Everyone can afford Fabrique Créative quality wooden accessories!

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