Chalk Based Paint or Trial Custom Colours


Get Colorantic’s amazing non-toxic chalk-based paints at a discounted price. HURRY UP and BUY before the stock runs out.

Clearance, custom and trial colours available

We occasionally test colours and shades with several paint pigments to check our bases. We also have special colours for each season! Our clearance colours are perfect to save money.

Some plastic jars are embossed

Visit this section often as we update our clearance colours and love to experiment!

Colorantic™ chalk based paint with a chalky matte finish is in no way toxic. They have no lead content, and the colorants added contain only trace amounts of Compounds Organic Volatil (COVs). Chalk based paints and Colorantic™ products are also environmentally friendly. Instead, we use plastic containers with lids, to preserve Colorantic chalk based paint. In addition to being eco-friendly and creamy, the velvety texture of our unique water-based chalk based paint recipe is made from primary ingredients in Canada. We’ve developed our own chalk paint recipe to help our customers realize their projects. It’s so easy and fun to paint with Colorantic™. Whether you’re an experienced painter or not, you’ll quickly fall under the spell of these products.

The chalk paints, waxes and glazes we’ve set up dry in a record time of around 30 minutes to paint a piece of furniture. This formula allows you to apply a second coat quickly, saving you time for other activities. What’s more, DIY Colorantic™ chalk based paint adheres to virtually any surface, such as wood, fabrics and matte metal, with little preparation.

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Cactus, Mocha, Water-Based Primer, Smurf, Sea Green Grass, Grey Siamese Cat, Misty Grey, Dune Beige, Warm Grey, Aquatic Green, Light Brown, Jungle, Aqua Blue, Blue Moon, Eclipse Grey, Seaweed, Christmas Tree, Yellow-Green, Antique Pink, Metallic Pink, Watermelon, Grape, Brown Rosé, Pale Sangria, Dolphin Dream, Dark Brown-Grey Glaze, Silver Metallic, Clear Matte Varnish (old recipe), Mango, Red Earth, Nautical-2, Sunflower-2, Night 2, Blue Jeans, Calm, Vintage Blue-Green, Sangria, Lilac Blossom, Clothesline, Exotic Margarita, Summer Garden, Butterscotch, Caribbean Sea-2, Truffle-2, Summer Storm-2, Cappuccino-2, Antique Pink-2, Orangesicle-2, Kiwi-2, Lemon Pie-2, Glass of Wine-2, Grapefruit-2, Apple Orchard-2, Roasted Marshmallow-2, Ballerina-2, Charcoal Black Wax, Grey Storm Wax, Antique Brown wax, Roasted Marshmallow-2, Strawberry, Red Earth, Night-2, Kiwi-2, Lavender -2, Zen-2, Lavender Hand Lotion, Oil for Butcher's Block or Wooden Tableware, Sweet Truffle, Sahara Desert, Peony, Linen, Tropical Forest, Aqua, Midnight, Cotton Candy, Charcoal Grey, Heart to Heart, Peppermint, Aloe Leaf, Bubble Gum, Mustard, Moonlight, Cashmere, Turtle Dove, Violet, Blue Metallic Sky, Grey Kitten Glaze, Rose Gold, Hand and Brush Cleaner, Dye-Free Base 00, Gentle Amethyst, Soft Green, Dream Water, Pearl Grey, Blue Hour, Glimmer of Hope, Mermaid, Apple Orchard, Sunflower, Summer Sun, Passion Red, Night, Matte Varnish, Clothesline, Chocolate, Lavender 2.0, Lavender Hand Cream, Cloud, Oil Paint (Dark Brown), Metallic Gray, Chalkboard paint (Gray colour), Hurricane, Terracotta, Salted Caramel