Black Ceramic Antique Paris Knob – Knob025 (Pack of 2)


Black Ceramic knob with withe text Antique Paris.  Knob026.  Need one hole.

Hurry, only 18 left in stock!

Black Ceramic Antique Paris Knob – Knob025

The Black Ceramic Antique Paris Knob by Colorantic is beautiful and unique. These knobs are perfect for your drawers pulls, kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and many more.

What’s included?
A pack of 2

For installing this knob, you need a single hole.

Colorantic™ offers you a wide array of products such as chalk-based paint, metallic paints, waxes, glazes, stencils, furniture knobs, and paintbrushes. The company also suggests a variety of accessories such as paintbrushes, sanding block, paint tray, cleaner & varnish remover, hand soap, and more. We even have nice and stylish knobs to complete your upholstery and restored furniture projects. These knobs are of brass, wood, metal, ceramic, and glass.

It is so easy to decorate your home or do DIY fun craft projects with Colorantic’s products! Even if you are staring at your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products!

You can buy it online from our website or visit our ETSY online store to buy your Colorantic products.


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