Blackboard Chalk Based Paint for your DIY Projects


Blackboard Chalk Based Paint



Blackboard Chalk Based Paint

Have you ever thought of creating a slate-like surface and writing on it with chalk? Is this even possible?
The answer to this is “Yes, it is.”

The wait is over. The product you’ve been waiting for so long has finally come.

Blackboard Chalk Based Paint for walls is one of the products that Colorantic is most proud of. And it is now available as a new product at Colorantic. It is a smoother and more liquid black paint than our regular chalk-based paint that can be used to make a chalkboard-like surface on furniture,  decor accessories, glass, and walls, as well as on plenty of other surfaces.

We have Cameleon products to help you achieve your projects! Whether it is to paint a wall in the children’s playroom or to upgrade an old frame or mirror, you will find the Colorantic products you need for your large-scale projects!

How to do it?

Covering your surface with a primer is highly recommended, especially if it is a mirror or a wall.  Please apply with a roller or a brush and give your surface 3 coats of paint using our new product: Black Chalkboard Paint. Let dry for 2-3 hours between each coat.

Then, when you finish applying your final coat let it dry 24-48 hours before proceeding to the next step. Once it has had time to dry you will need to “prime” your surface with a piece of chalk. Apply it vertically and horizontally, with a piece of white chalk all over your surface, then wipe your surface with a white cloth (t-shirt style) somewhat damp. Your piece of chalk will promote fusion with the liquid chalk found inside our paint base.

Colorantic is unique!

You are now ready to write your messages or draw on your new homemade chalkboard!

**At Colorantic, we pride ourselves on giving you all the tools and training you need to ensure you have an excellent painting experience using our high-quality products. Please keep in mind that you can not mix oil-based paints or varnishes with our water-based paints (Basic Chemists 101).

Be Inspired and Happy Painting!

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