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A Zen Creation with a 70s Theme

The 70s theme

The 70s are making a big comeback with super colourful furniture and beautiful shapes. For this blog, I got my inspiration from the orange patterns of the fabric. Moreover, I chose Colorantic’s blue-gray Zen colour to coordinate these two beautiful vintage-inspired pieces of furniture.



Both pieces of furniture required the same preparation. We got surfaces cleaned with the Cleaner and Varnish Remover. It was left on for about 25 minutes to remove all traces of varnish. The pieces were then wiped down with a damp cloth and allowed to dry well before proceeding to the next step.

Sand the pieces lightly using 120 grit sandpaper. The Colorantic(TM) paint adheres very well to most surfaces, but it is always better to give your furniture a little sanding. Then we wiped it well with a damp paper towel after the sanding to remove the dust.



We opted for the European Oval Paint Brush and the Snow White Paint Brush to apply the Zen paint. Two coats were sufficient for the transformation because the Colorantic(TM) chalk-based paint covers well. The drying time is approximately minutes between coats.


Final Step

The finishing is very similar for both pieces of furniture. However, I did not apply the Antique Brown Wax on the sewing bench because the fabric already had a lot of detail. To give a nice patina, use wax on the corners and the legs. The Antique Brown Wax goes wonderfully with the Zen paint colour.

To protect the paint, Natural Beeswax has opted for both pieces. The seat of the sewing bench was covered with colourful fabric, using a staple gun to attach the fabric to the underside of the bench.

It is mentioned that the wax will dry and harden in a few days.


Zen transformed this vintage furniture and brought it back to the 70s era beautifully. You can follow me and my creations on Facebook at L’atelier Du Meuble Vintage.

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