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Why not put stencils on a furniture!

by | Nov 18, 2021 | Decorative objects, Dressers and Desks, Side Furniture, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments

 Why not put stencils !

Truth be told, applying stencil paint can totally change the look of an office, flowerpot, walls, etc.
In fact, it’s a way to give your decor a little explosive side while remaining understated, as long as you stay in neutral colors. There are so many different varieties that you can create countless models. You just have to let your creativity run free to bring a multitude of things to life and add your personal touch.
For my part, I had so much fun applying the stencil to my desk drawers, that I continued on the wall next to it (laughs). It was around 10pm when I started my awesome project, I was looking at the nearly finished desk with the stained wood top and cotton ball color frame and drawers and wondering am I adding any stencils ?
The response was immediately positive. Then at that moment when I was spreading out the Mist and Cotton Ball colored geometric shapes, I thought “what a good idea, it would be to do the wall too!” So I finished around 2 am, exhausted from my day and night, but so happy with my new decor.
One thing I understood with this method is that in order to create patterns, you have to put aside your perfectionism and accept that the shapes are uneven. We can say that imperfection gives charm and ambiance and it is by looking at the whole and not each motif that one sees beauty as a whole.
The geometric stencils are very neutral and blend well with several decors, there are also floral stencils, thematic stencils of animals, of heart and soul. It’s just a matter of taste.
I love using Colorantic paint with stencils because it has a perfect texture and helps prevent excess paint from spilling. I use a sponge most of the time to apply my color on the stencil, but it’s your way. You can spread everything with a foam roller (sponge) or a round brush.
You just need to make sure that the basecoat is dry before you put down the stencil and start with the other color, you also need to apply a thin coat of paint in the stencil to eliminate the risk of spillage.
A little trick to help you out, you can use green paint tape to stick the stencil on the surface to prevent it from slipping.
It’s very easy to do! Trust yourself, it just takes patience.

Finishing !

It is not only the large scale projects that give a room an enchanting decor but sometimes one color is enough to give back a lot of cachet.
I will eventually paint the furniture in my living room with cotton ball and tractor dust to unify them.
The next step will be my large sectional sofa, I can’t wait!
What’s your next project?
On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

Jessy Gendron

Who am I by the way: I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children, a 4 year old little girl and a 7 year old big boy. They have been the center of my life since their birth. I am a former hairdresser who still loves to cut hair! I am a hypersensitive, humanist,  who is always ready to help others. Decoration, clothing and hair are areas that have always attracted me. Everything related to creation makes me vibrate and makes me forget my anxieties for a moment. What helps me get through the storms in my head are running, praying, and painting furniture. I love to transform! I find a lot of stuff in the garbage and I imagine them with a new look and that gives me a feeling of lightness. I would like to add hours to my days to paint more. Sometimes I paint at night to advance my work and play with my children during the day. During my long sleepless nights I imagine, among other things, how I will transform the furniture that is in my garage. I am passionionate! Saving the planet is also on my priority list. Restoring, repainting and reusing gives me a sense of accomplishment or relieves me of guilt. Here is who I am!


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