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Upgrading a veranda | Quoi faire avec vos vieux meubles


After 26 years, our veranda was in dire need of sprucing up, as was some old furniture that had been forgotten.

Living in the beautiful Laurentian region, we wanted to bring the beauty of nature inland.

Nature, the name of one of Colorantic’s new colors, completely seduced me.

So it was this gorgeous color that was my inspiration for this metamorphosis.

It all started with staining the room and upgrading the table and new chairs found on Marketplace.

front cabinet
cabinet with patina

Preparing old furniture

  • Spray varnish cleaner and remover on tables and chairs, spread over all surfaces with a paper towel and leave to work for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well twice to remove all residues.
  • Use the sanding block to scratch surfaces.
  • Apply the primer using the microfiber roller and the 55 mm and oval #6 brushes.

Now is the time to add color.


The paint

  • Apply the color, Cotton Ball, to the table top using the microfiber roller, and use the #6 oval brush for the legs.
  • Apply the color, Nature, to the chairs using 55 mm and oval #6 brushes.
  • Repeat if necessary.



  • Once the paint is completely dry, you can apply the varnish.
  • Use the foam roller and Snow White brush for this operation.
cabinet with patina

The whiteness of the room, to which I’ve added some beautiful bright hues, already makes it a very pleasant place to relax.

This is just the beginning of the metamorphosis, and seeing the current result, we’re excited to continue our project.

For more inspiration, join the Trucs et Décos en tout genre group !

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