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Upgrading bedroom furniture | Comment récupérer un mobilier de chambre

Upgrading bedroom furniture

I’ve been thinking about upcycling our bedroom furniture for quite some time, because it has great sentimental value. But my husband was not easily convinced, no matter how many wonderful ideas I threw his way. After getting suggestions left and right, I finally was able to persuade him, and I began to carry out my project

Step 1 – Preparing the Furniture

  • Remove the knobs and soak them overnight in a water and TSP mixture. Make sure the knobs are not completely submerged for the TSP mixture to have a chemical reaction to the metal.
  • Spray the Cleaner and Varnish Remover on the furniture and use a blue multi-purpose towel to make sure the product is evenly spread on all the surfaces. Let it work for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse well twice using clear water in order to remove all residues.
  • Sand lightly in order to scratch up the surfaces.
  • Apply a coat of the Grip All Primer with a foam roller and let it dry for the recommended time.
  • And now you are ready to paint!

Steps 2 – Painting

  • Using a foam roller, apply the first coat of the colour Delicate White
  • Apply the second coat using your paintbrush and lightly spray with the misting bottle in order to make the paint glide more easily.
  • Use the sanding block, sandpaper and rag (T-Shirt) to distress desired areas.

Steps 3 – Protecting the Surface

Once the paint has dried completely, apply a coat of varnish using a foam roller and the #6 Oval Paint Brush.

Steps 4 -Applying the Image Transfer

Carefully cut out the desired design of the transfer and apply it to the drawers using a spatula.


Our room has a new look and all it took was upcycling the furniture, adding new bedding and a few new decorations.

I opted to leave our beautiful armoire unpainted in order to add a bit of warmth to this completely white room.

My husband loves our new room and approves of my clever makeover choices

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