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Enhancing a child's desk (2)


Summer is coming to an end, and the “no routine” pace gives way to planning, lunches, school bags and homework. Here it is! Back to school. I found the perfect moment to give a second life to this school desk, which was sitting in my workshop.

It goes without saying that with four young children, every minute of my day is very busy. Despite everything, I want to continue to find time to have fun by personalizing each piece of furniture in our family home.

This is why Colorantic was a godsend for me, given the ease of use of their products!

List of Products Used

    Enhancing a child's desk


    1. I started with the hardest part first: sanding! As you can see in the photo, this desk has some pencil marks and graffiti from its former users. Since I wanted the surface to look natural, I had to sand thoroughly to reach the original wood.
    2. I sprayed the Cleaner and Varnish Remover all over the base of the desk. I let it rest for 30 minutes. Once the time was up, I rinsed well twice using a cloth dampened with warm water.
    3. Using the sanding block I scratched the surfaces to allow the paint to adhere well. I made sure to dust it off before continuing.

    Now the fun begins!


    1. I mixed 1/3 Saman stain with 2/3 Colorantic Glaze. This mixture is then applied to the top and inside of the desk, leaving it with its natural wood grain, while giving it an aged effect. One coat is enough.
    2. I wanted to give a particular style to the desk, which led me to start with a coat of the colour Sangria for the base coat.
    3. Once the paint was dry, I applied the colour Raspberry to add punch.

    The idea was that after light sanding, we would see a touch of pink through the Raspberry colour. I also lightly sanded the top to continue the brushed effect.


    1. With a slightly damp cloth, I removed the dust caused by sanding.
    2. Once clean and dry, I applied a coat of Top Coat.
    3. Once it was completely dry, I very lightly sanded the top of the desk with 320 grit paper.
    4. I dusted well and applied a second coat of Top Coat to the entire desk.


    Enhancing a child's desk (1)

    Each of these steps, except that of the glazing, was also used for the frame of the pretty vintage painting.

    So here is a completely unique workspace, Old School as I like it, ready to accommodate a little human who will be delighted to do their homework there!



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