Transforming an old trunk into a Coffee Table

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My inspiration of transforming old trunk

I recently redecorated an apartment in Old Quebec. It needed paint, some tidying up and some love! So I combined something useful and  pleasant using just a little bit of paint. I turned an old trunk into a coffee table that now also serves as storage in the living room! I found this wonderful piece for only $ 15 on Marketplace.

Preparing and Painting the old trunk

It was a super simple project that didn’t require too much know-how!

  • First, a good cleansing with TSP (I used the Cleaner and Varnish Remover from Colorantic).
  • Then I applied a coat of the colour Night.  Colorantic paint is very thick so I thinned it down by adding a small amount of water. It is indeed possible to dilute the paint by adding water to it, but take note that this may make the colour fade slightly.
  • I then let it dry for 1 hour, but 20 minutes would have been enough. However, the weather was beautiful and I had a glass of Sangria while I waited! So, I let it dry for 1 hour.
    For this project two coats were necessary

Putting emphasis on the details:

I thought it was too dark so I decided to use the colour Metallic Champagne on the metal ornaments using a small artist paintbrush from Colorantic. So I painted the corners and the hardware. One coat did the job.

Once dry, I found it a bit too shiny for my liking, so I improvised and used a glaze that I customized myself. You can create your own colour of glaze, just mix 1 part chalk based paint and 2 parts translucent window glaze.

I applied the glaze liberally to the “gold paint” with the same small brush and dabbed the excess with a paper towel. I got the aged effect I was looking for.

Protect your furniture well

For the final protection, I applied 2 coats of  Colorantic Matt Varnish and let it dry for 1 hour between each application (enjoying another glass of Sangria! It’s the holidays after all!) There you go, as you can see, with  Colorantic paint you can paint any surface.

Myriam Provost


Myriam Provost une passionnée de Colorantic

Myriam Provost - Plan B Atelier

Furniture makeover workshop with chalk paint, a therapy that helps me fight my eating disorder! It keeps me busy and helps me not to skim!


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