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Small Project, Big Success!

by | Sep 30, 2021 | Antique furniture, Chest, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments

Small project, big success ­

It’s not just the most ambitious projects that dress up a room. Sometimes it’s the small project that steal the show, but how do you choose the color and style of a desk or whatever?

Sometimes you can get the impression, looking at all photos of revalued furnitures on internet, that you have to make a mega change to make it look good.
But sometimes to think again, it’s all that it takes.

A little delicate touch as in the case of this wooden chest that I painted in white to create the desired atmosphere.

An easy furniture upgrade 

Before choosing your colour, ask yourself what the desired decor is. You can inspire yourself by looking at magazines and/or photos that you like. Analyze the room, the colours, the layouts and ask yourself “what element gives the room enhancement?”

Sometimes it is better to focus on small things. Such as picture frames, flower pots, cushions, throws etc.

There are so many different styles like boho, mid-century, country, baroque, shabby chic, rustic, Victorian, contemporary and others. It’s not easy to choose. Maybe you are like me and you can’t choose only one style, because all the settings will enchant you. This is the mistake I made, a lot of the furniture in my house is mismatched. So I decided to unify my living room into only one style.

I started with this nice trunk although it is imposing, I just wanted to lighten it up while still keeping a wood finish because I love wood.
The work was really quick and easy, but the result is splendid. I used a veining tool (which gives an effect like wood planks) and painted with the colour Cotton Ball.

The way to do is pretty simple. I applied the paint with a brush and then ran the veining tool over the paint by sliding it.

The tool is in a semicircle and is composed of textured curved lines (see photo). So you have to pass this accessory from the bottom to the top, taking care to slide while touching all the parts of the semicircle thus creating false veining with paint.

Re-cap of my project


This project only took me two hours to do. I washed my chest, sanded it lightly, applied a coat of paint. I then used my veining tool and finished it off with a coat of varnish.

This chest was boring and lifeless. This transformation is beautiful and makes the perfect coffee table!

Finished Project!

It’s not only the large scale projects that give a room an enchanting decor but sometimes one colour is enough to give back a lot of punch.

I will eventually paint the furniture in my living room using Cotton Ball and Tractor Dust to upcycle it.
The next step will be my large sectional sofa, I can’t wait!

What’s your next project?

On y vois Jessy Gendron , celle derrière Atelier 87 meubles revalorisés

Jessy Gendron

Who am I by the way: I am a stay at home mom to two beautiful children, a 4 year old little girl and a 7 year old big boy. They have been the center of my life since their birth. I am a former hairdresser who still loves to cut hair! I am a hypersensitive, humanist,  who is always ready to help others. Decoration, clothing and hair are areas that have always attracted me. Everything related to creation makes me vibrate and makes me forget my anxieties for a moment. What helps me get through the storms in my head are running, praying, and painting furniture. I love to transform! I find a lot of stuff in the garbage and I imagine them with a new look and that gives me a feeling of lightness. I would like to add hours to my days to paint more. Sometimes I paint at night to advance my work and play with my children during the day. During my long sleepless nights I imagine, among other things, how I will transform the furniture that is in my garage. I am passionionate! Saving the planet is also on my priority list. Restoring, repainting and reusing gives me a sense of accomplishment or relieves me of guilt. Here is who I am!


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