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How to revalue porcelain houses with Colorantic

How to revalue porcelain with Colorantic. The holiday season is fast approaching, when decorating ideas are limitless.

Although I really love traditional Christmas decorations, I also love new ones. The current trend in decorations is raw wood and we also find a lot of white, gilding, silver and bling-bling without forgetting all the pastel and flamboyant tones.

It was on a very beautiful morning at the beginning of November 2017, sitting in the workshop in front of the crackling wood stove, my feet firmly resting on a log and a good hot chocolate in my hand, that I suddenly had this crazy desire to modernize our Christmas decorations.


Over time, I had less and less interest in these porcelain houses which were used to create the village under the tree. Finding them obsolete, I put them away, telling myself that one day I would revive them. With my idea of ​​reinventing our Christmas, I quickly found myself head first in the bottom of a bin to pull out this treasure buried for several years.

So excited about my project and my head full of ideas, just a few minutes later I was in creation mode.

So here is my first transformation for the “2017 Christmas Decorations” theme.


Steps – How to revalue porcelain with Colorantic

By reading the following, you will learn how to revalue porcelain houses in an original way:

  • Spray the houses with cleanser and make-up remover, spread it with a cloth and leave for about five minutes
  • Rinse well with water to remove all residue
  • You are now ready to apply a first coat of paint. Since porcelain is porous, it was not necessary to apply primer.
  • Allow to dry thoroughly and apply a second coat of paint if necessary..
  • Once the paint is completely dry,apply a layer of clear beeswax on all surfaces using brush 16mm. This will allow you to make corrections if necessary.
  • Mix a little natural beeswax into the wax, ancient brunette, so d’mitigatelightly the color of it and apply it with the tip of the finger with a cloth
  • Also apply a little wax with your fingertip, black charcoal in the desired places to give the desired effect
  • If you are not satisfied with the result, iIt is always possible to correct by reapplying wax, Natural bee.

As a big fan of “makeovers”, there is no question of reinvesting large sums of money for new Christmas decorations that are only used for a few weeks a year. I also don’t like accumulating unnecessarily, which is why I prefer to give a second, third…and even fourth life to my priceless treasures.

Living in the beautiful Laurentians region, I create a lot using the beautiful treasures that nature offers us.


Diane Lavoie,


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