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How do I restore a plant pot with Colorantic chalk paint?


One of my neighbors had this plant pot on her balcony, and it was cracked and peeling all over the place. I imagine that a few years ago, it was magnificent and had been coveted, but that was no longer the case. No one wanted this pot anymore, except me, who saw all its potential.

There’s only one rule for reworking an old plant pot, and it’s: Have fun! I had fun with this little project and it only took me a few hours to complete.

Here are the steps to follow to restore any plant pot.

chalk paint

List of products used


First, we need to apply some plaster to repair the structure. Next, a little sanding of the plaster and pot is required. Of course, plaster must be applied with rubber gloves. Wait a few minutes and leave to dry, of course.

    chalk paint

    Steps to follow

    The second step is to have fun with the colors at hand. In this case, I used Colorantic Cotton Ball chalk paint. I mixed with leftover chalk paint colors I had on hand.

    As a final step, we add a protective layer of natural beeswax.

    To conclude

    I’m telling you, all of us who had the chance to see it in real life, we really loved the final rendering!

    Chalk-based paint

    In conclusion

    So, from the little pot to the big pot, have fun rejuvenating your decor as you see fit. A little paint on your flowerpots can completely change the design of a room. Plus, it’s fun, simple and easy to do!

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