Rejuvenate bleached oak kitchen cabinets with Colorantic!

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Rejuvenating bleached oak kitchen cabinets

It was during the containment of Covid-19 that my clients made some changes to their kitchen. It all started with a change of appliances, then the colour of the walls and the floor. They realized that the decades-old bleached oak kitchen cabinets didn’t fit the new decor at all. They called on me to give them a little boost!

kitchen before

The products used

kitchen cabinets

Step 1: Preparation (not to be neglected)

I took off all the doors and brought them to my workshop. I cleaned them with TSP and scraped them off with a wood scraper in the areas where the varnish was sticky and/or chipped. Then, sandblast with the electric sandblaster to remove all the varnish. I did the same for the mouldings. I used 120-grade sandpaper with my hand to remove the sandblasting marks. With a damp cloth, I removed the sandblasting residue.

Step 2: The colour

I used the paint (custom colour) diluted with the glaze (increases the drying time) and water to brighten and give the paint transparency. My goal was to make a dye. Dilution: 50% paint, 25% glaze, 25% water I applied it with a brush and wiped off the excess with a white cloth until I got the wanted result.

Step 3: The finish

For lasting quality, I applied 3 coats of matte varnish with a brush, doing a light sandblasting with 400 grit between coats.

kitchen cabinets

Now my customers have a very modern kitchen!

It took several hours of work.  Honestly more than I expected, but the result is well worth the effort!

The oak stands out so much more compared to the old finish, on these solidly built cabinets, why change them when they can be upgraded at a low cost!

Julie Deslandes

Finition et Relooking Julie

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Julie Deslandes
Julie Deslandes

Julie Deslandes

Julie Deslandes is an expert in revamping old kitchens DIY - She owns the page Finition et Relooking Julie -


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