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ancient mirror

Rejuvenating an old mirror

A friend had launched a search among her acquaintances, in order to find an ancient oval old mirror, to decorate a specific place of her magnificent century-old home in the Sillery district in Quebec. It was a few weeks later that I knew I had found exactly what she was looking for on Market Place.

ancient mirror
ancient mirror

Antique mirror restoration

Since the mirror was several years old, I suspected that there would be unpleasant surprises and discoloration. I didn’t hesitate for a second to sprinkle it abundantly with Colorantic cleaner & varnish remover and let it work. I rinsed with clean water 3 times to make sure I was removing as much residue as possible.

Once thoroughly cleaned and dried, I repaired several imperfections using wood filler. I took care to fill the cavities and some holes that time had left. When the wood filler is well hardened, it is easy to smooth the surface using a fine sanding block.


Preparation of the surface to be painted

With a damp cloth, I removed the dust and then applied a water-based primer. This is a crucial step to avoid unwanted discoloration!

In order to coordinate perfectly with the bathroom in which the mirror will be hung, I mixed 1 part of Cotton Ball to 1 part of Roasted Marshmallow (half-and-half mixture).


Mirror rejuvenation

Using the oval paintbrush # 6, I applied 2 coats of the mixture, in order to cover this jewel well. Since part of its charm is in the floral detail that surrounds it, it went without saying that I brought out its beauty with a little sanding. A light sanding on the flowers and the outline of the mirror will have to be enough to give it back its rustic aspect.


Mirror finish

Once the sanding dust was removed, it was the natural beeswax that I applied. This helped keep the matte and romantic look.


ancient mirror

Here is an ancient mirror that has found a second life with a touch of romanticism and elegance that will look proud in its bathroom on Chemin St-Louis.

Customers are charmed, and are convinced that salvaging old furniture remains a smart option when it comes to the history and quality of our good old wooden furniture.

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