Wave Wooden Bow Tie for Men Adult – Black Leather


Those wave black leather wooden bow ties for Men Adult are made in China and they have a very distinct design: waved wood! As wood grains, we have chosen Maple (Golden light) and Walnut (brown). They are so uniques! All our wooden bow ties have been designed and chosen by our Canadian employees’ team in Quebec, Canada.

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Wave Wooden Bow Tie for Men Adult – Black Leather

This collection is for the sound-conscious man. This appearance combines the modern with the rustic for all occasions. Wedding, prom, graduation, baptism, special events, outings, sports teams, businessmen, suit-tie replaced by suit-bow tie. Any occasion is good to wear a Wave Wooden Bow Tie for Men Adult – Navy Blue Fabric, they are so comfortable! You have the choice when purchasing to choose the species of maple or walnut knot, wood recovered from Quebec.

The wooden bow tie for adults has a black neck strap without velcro and adjustable plastic clips. The adults’ wooden bow ties have a length of 4.5 inches by 2 inches high. the elastic necktie has a length for a maximum adjustment up to XL size. This adjustable neck strap and the lightweight of the wooden bow tie make it enjoyable to wear, much less tight than regular ties. Our product is a must to have in your wardrobe.

The center of the waved bow ties are fixed and are not able to be modifiable. However, for all casual events, depending on any outfits, you will get all sights with your waved wooden bow ties! All occasions can be the perfect event to wear our wooden bow ties: wedding, graduation, prom, baptism, special events, going out, restaurant, sports teams, a businessman!

Your man will attract attention with the ecological wooden bow tie made 100% in Quebec!


In addition, offering a wooden accessory is a sign of respect for our environment, for nature and it is a very popular gift for people! Everyone can afford Fabrique Créative quality wooden accessories!

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Maple, Walnut


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