Small Henri – Children Wooden Bow Tie


Children Wooden Bow Tie. Burgundy fabric centre. Woodgrain: Maple or Walnut *wood can slightly differ from the picture*

Small Henri – Children Wooden Bow Tie

This collection is for children. This look combines modern and rustic for all occasions. Wedding, baptism, school or family photo, dinner at the restaurant. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s or Father’s Day, back to school, grandparents’ visit, birthday, etc.. Any occasion is good to wear a wooden bow tie, they are so comfortable! We oil all of our Small Henri – Children Wooden Bow Tie with ColoranticTM natural wood oil. It is a well-known 100% Quebec and Canadian company.

The wooden bow tie for children measures 8.5 cm wide x 4.3 cm high. The tie around the neck is made of velcro to comply with the Canadian safety law for the use intended for children. Thanks to this comfortable and secure attachment, a child in distress can easily break free. So you’ll have peace of mind when your child wears these trendy wooden bow ties. The elastic with velcro for the center is black and measures 1/2-3/4″ wide x 17/12″ long.

All of our centers are interchangeable with velcro on the back of the centers. So you don’t need to pay for a complete wooden bow tie to match each of the outfits worn by your child, great! We are selling the box containing 7 easily changeable interchangeable centrepieces for every occasion.
**Our children’s walnut bow ties are no longer being produced. It is only available in maple.**

In addition, offering a wooden accessory is a sign of respect for our environment, for nature and it is a very popular gift for people! Everyone can afford Fabrique Créative quality wooden accessories!

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Maple, Walnut


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