Duo Charlemagne – Father-Son


2 Wooden Bow Ties, one for adult, one for child. Navy Blue Polkadots fabric centre. Wood grain: Maple or Walnut *wood can slightly differ from the picture*

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Duo Charlemagne – Father-Son

This collection is for sound-conscious men and children. This appearance combines the modern with the rustic for all occasions. Weddings, balls, graduations, baptisms, special events, outings, sports teams, businessmen, suit-tie replaced by suit-bow ties. School or family photo, dinner at the restaurant. Christmas, Easter, Mother’s or Father’s Day, back to school, grandparents’ visit, birthday, etc.. Any occasion is good to wear a Duo Charlemagne – Father-Son wooden bow tie, they are so comfortable! You have the choice when purchasing to choose the species of maple or walnut knot, wood recovered from Quebec.

The wooden bow tie for adults has a black velcro-free band with retractable metal fasteners. The adult wooden bow tie is 4.5 inches long by 2 inches high. The elastic neck has a length that can go up to an XL neck since there is a metal fastener. This adjustable fastener and the very lightweight of our wooden bow ties make these trendy items extremely pleasant to wear, causing much less feeling of tightness than a tie. They will charm even the most demanding!

The child’s bow measures 3.25″ wide x 1.75″ tall. The tie around the neck is plastic and easy to detach for a child. This bow is for a child from 6 months to 10 years old.

We also have boxes of 7 interchangeable centers for adults. These velcro centers will allow you to change the central fabric for special occasions regardless of the gentleman’s clothing without having to buy a complete wooden bow tie for each occasion (wedding, ball, graduation, baptism, special events, outings, sports teams, businessman)!

**Our walnut children’s bow tie is discontinued. It is only available in maple.**

In addition, offering a wooden accessory is a sign of respect for our environment, for nature and it is a very popular gift for people! Everyone can afford Fabrique Créative quality wooden accessories!

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Maple, Walnut


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