Clearance Chalk Based Paints and Other Products


Get Colorantic’s amazing non-toxic chalk-based paints at a discounted price. HURRY UP and BUY before the stock runs out.

Colorantic™ DIY Chalk Based Paint, a creamy chalky finish is non-toxic. It comes with no lead content. And the bases have no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC). Furthermore, the added pigmentations for colorants have small amounts of VOC, less than 60g/L. We make sure that our chalk-based paints abide by rules and regulations from Health Canada. Colorantic chalk-based paints are eco-friendly. In fact, instead of using conventional metal cans as many paint companies do, we decided to pour our products into plastic containers with white screwable lids to add longevity to our paints’ life. In addition to being eco-friendly, our chalk-based colors have a smooth and creamy texture. Colorantic’s team has developed our own unique chalk-based paint recipe to provide you with the best chalk-based paint possible on the market. It is easy to paint furniture and home decor craft projects with Colorantic™’s products! Even if you are starting your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products! All our chalk-based paints, beeswaxes, glazes, and metallic paints dry in a short period of about 30 minutes when you apply them to wood furniture. This unique formula enables you to paint the second coat quickly, allowing you more free time to do your regular chores and duties. Furthermore, Colorantic DIY chalk-based paint adheres to most surfaces such as wood, fabric, mat metal, without any preparations.

Prepping furniture with shiny surface

If your wood furniture or home decor craft surface is shiny, you will need to sand lightly and clean with a TSP liquid or powder-mix container to help achieve a matte texture to help our paint to adhere. Don’t forget to rinse with a damp cloth to clean your surface before adding our Colorantic chalk-based paint coat. Some shinny or oil-based surfaces might require a primer as a first coat. It will help you avoid sanding a shiny surface. Kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors or furniture that you want immaculate white will provide you the best results if you apply a coat of primer before adding our chalk-based paints. Other products offered Colorantic™ offers a wide variety of products that includes:

  • 32 chalk-based paint pre-mixed colors,
  • Five (5) metallic paints,
  • Four (4) glitter,
  • Four (4) glazes,
  • and five (5) wax colors.

The company also suggests a variety of accessories such as paintbrushes, cleaner & varnish remover, paint, hand soap, and even stylish knobs to finalize your upholstery and restored furniture projects. You can use one of our oval or round paintbrushes or velvet foam rolls to apply. However, before adding the final varnish/topcoat or wax with a round or oval paintbrush, it is recommended to wait longer (2 to 24 hours). Or you could add a protective coat with Colorantic’s wax, varnish, or clear glaze. It will increase the longevity of your furniture. If your project has glass = add paint directly on the surface with a foam stick brush.

Water-based paint surface

If your project has a water-based varnish or paint = clean the surface with a TSP cleaner such as the TSP-Eco friendly Cleaner & Varnish remover from Colorantic. Let it act 20-30 minutes, then rinse with a damp cloth, and you can paint.

Shiny oil-based surface

If your furniture has a shiny oil-based varnish or paint, you have no choice to add a strong TSP, then rinse and add an oil-based primer. Then you are ready to apply Colorantic’s paint.

flat raw wood surface

If your furniture project is on flat raw wood (ex. Pine), apply our Colorantic chalk-based paints directly to the wood. Find your local Colorantic Retailers to purchase our chalk based paint. If you don’t have a local retailer, we invite you to our ETSY online store to purchase your Colorantic products.


Blue Smurf, Green Marine Grass, Grey Siamese Cat, Misty Grey, Beige Dune, Warm Grey, Aquatic Green, Pale Brown, Jungle, Aqua, Blue Blue Moon, Grey Eclipse, Algae, Christmas Tree, Yellow-Green, Antique Pink, Metallic Pink, Watermelon, Grapes, Rosé Brown, Sangria-2, Dolphin Dream, Glazes Dark Brown-Grey, Metal Silver, Clear Matte Varnish (old recipe), Mango, Red Earth, Nautique-2, Sunflower-2, Night 2, Blue Jeans, Calm, Blue-Green Vintage, Sangria-2, Lilac Blossom-2, Clothesline-2, Exotic Margarita-2, Summer Garden-2, Butterscotch, Caribbean Sea-2, Truffle-2, Summer Storm-2, Cappuccino-2, Antique Pink-2, Orange & Cream-2, Kiwi-2, Lemon pie-2, Glass of wine-2, Grapefruit-2, Apple orchard-2, Roasted Marshmallow-2, Ballerina-2, Black Coal Wax, Grey Storm Wax, Antique Brown Wax, Roasted Marshmallow-2, Strawberry, Red Earth, Night-2, Kiwi-2, Lavender -2, Zen-2, Hands Cream Lotion – Lavender, Butcher Block and Wood Dishes Oil, Sweet Truffle, Sahara's Desert, Peaony, Linen, Tropical Forest, Aqua, Midnight, Cotton Candy, Charcoal Grey, Heart to heart, Peppermint, Aloe Leaf, Bubble Gum, Mustard, Moonlight, Cashmere, Turtledove, Violet, Metallic Sky, Grey Kitten Glaze, Rose Gold, Hand and Paintbrush Cleaner, Base 00 – Without Colorant, Soft Amethyst, Soft Green, Dream Water, Pearl Grey, Blue Hour, Glimmer of Hope, Mermaid, Apple Orchard, Sunflower, Summer Sun, Passion Red, Night, Matte Varnish, Clothesline, Chocolate, Lavender 2.0, Cloud, Gray Chalkboard, Metallic Gray, Hurricane, Terracotta, Salted Caramel