Blue and Stainless Steel Wooden Watch


Blue Dial Wood Watch for Men

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Wood Watch with customized engraving $124.49 instock 10
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Blue and Stainless Steal Wooden Watch $99.99 instock 10
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Blue and Stainless Steal Wooden Watch $99.99 instock 10
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Blue and Stainless Steel Wooden Watch – W33A

This trendy Blue and stainless Wood Watch for Men is of wood and is very high quality. This wooden watch is a perfect gift for your wedding, birthday, special occasion, prom, graduation, party, Christmas, etc.

This wood watch is eco-friendly due to the material used. Moreover, its high quality increases durability and performance according to the environment and changing temperatures

Furthermore, the watch comes with a battery with movement Miyota quartz (Japanese) .


  • It is a wooden watch
  • Gender: Wooden watch for men
  • Descriptions: Eco-friendly, Lightwood, Trendy fashion design, wooden watch.
  • Durable and long-lasting material
  • Attached: Stainless Steel

    A box with an adjustment tool is included with every watch. We have pre-engraved personalized messages or you can add a few words (2 to 4 words/numbers). The watchband has a line of stainless steel which makes it more durable and stronger.

    Elegant, pretty, and trendy wooden watch.

    ** You can buy these classic bands for your watches to add a statement to your look. Moreover, Colorantic also offers various wooden watches on which you can engrave a custom message for your loved ones (terms and conditions applied). Henceforth, Giving a wooden watch is a sign of respect for our environment and nature and is a gift much appreciated by people! So, anyone can afford these creative Factory quality wooden watches!
    You can buy it online from our website or visit our ETSY online store to buy your Colorantic products.


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