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Antique Brown Wax – Beeswax


Natural Beeswax, tinted. Colorantic wax is approved food grade, is non-toxic and made with natural ingredients. Available in 4 or 8 oz. Perfect for wood projects, salad bowls and more!

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Antique Brown Wax – Beeswax

Waxes are basically made as a furniture protection coat, following the Colorantic chalk-based paint’s application. The tinted waxes enable you to give your furniture new life by giving them a unique look! You can have, for example, a White Washed effect or Shabby Chic look with the White Snow wax, an old rustic effect with the Antique brown wax and a grey washed barn style effect with the Grey Storm wax. Colorantic’s 5 different waxes are available in 5 colours (Bee Natural, Grey Storm, White Snow, Antique Brown and the new Black Coal) in 2 different sizes (4 and 8 oz). We use natural quality products such as clear beeswax and natural oils. We add different pigments to create the colours.


  • ALL PURPOSE PAINT AND FURNITURE PROJECTS – These waxes work smoothly on a variety of wood and furniture surfaces.
  • PREMIUM POLISHING WAX – Made of the best base products, our Colorantic soft recipe is such a high-end one. Perfect & compatible with any chalk-based paints. It is best on chalk style paints, milk paint, and latex paint, and our waxes are used for Stencils, Artists, Crafters, Furniture Restorers, Interior Decorators and more.
  • 5 DIFFERENT SHADES – We have 5 different wax colours: clear natural, gray/grey, brown, black and white. All colours are mixable and can create a variety of shades.
  • 100% NATURAL – Made by chemists. Approved by painters. It’s best to prep your surface if it’s shiny. Use a TSP or the Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover. Let it acts for 30 min, then rinse with a damp cloth. You can use our small two-grains sanding blocks to remove the excess of the old-varnish. Then you are ready to apply our Colorantic paints. Apply two coats, then let it dry for 2 to 3 hours. Then you can use our Colorantic waxes with one of our round wax paintbrushes for maximum results.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – We have the perfect Colorantic mango wax and paintbrush soap. Your furniture is bests with a wax or a varnish to increase longevity. We have different wax colours available to create the perfect ombre, Vintage or antique look.


Remember that it is always best to:
  1. Apply the clear natural wax BEFORE any dark wax like Antique Brown
  2. You’ll want two different round wax brushes: one for the light tones and the other for the dark shades (write light and dark on the wood handles with a permanent style pen)
  3. Remove the excess wax with a clean white cloth. Remember that wax can take up to 7 days to dry! Be patient and you will get great results! Waxed furniture feels very soft!
  4. Wash the brushes to remove waxes with our Mango hand and brush soap.
  5. If you are not satisfied with the results, use our cleaner/varnish remover by spraying it all over, let it react for 5-10 mins then wipe off.
  6. Visit our Amazon page for more products and information.


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