My Pink Ombre Dresser:

My love for creativity and art inspires me to search for projects. I spend hours and hours on Youtube looking at DIY projects. We all watch YouTubers, who seemingly, without effort, create works of art. I may not be wrong if I say that inspiration can come from anyone. The same happened to me. After watching YouTube, I want a Pink Ombre Dresser, I do. 

My inspiration is Crys’Dawna at Bella Renovare. I love the way she blends effortlessly. She uses color with such panache and without fear. 

Well, I leaped in with both feet, without her experience and her technique, my mistake. 

Therefore, I ended up with the opposite of what I wanted. Now I have to fix it, so we start from scratch.

project before

Along with the list of products I used, I also guide you through the whole process that I carried out.

Step 1 – Prepare the dresser:

I had already thoroughly cleaned this dresser and removed the hardware,
so I skipped the sanding part.

This piece of furniture being heavy, I left it in my room to work on it!

Fortunately, Colorantic’s paint does not smell bad and is not toxic.
And most importantly, I was able to sleep there anyway!

I sanded generously and wiped off the dust.
I put two coats of Colorantic oil primer for the rest of which I sanded between each coat.

Step 2 – The creation of Pink Ombre Dresser🎨

I loved the Peony color.
Unfortunately, I had too little left for my project! (Peony was a custom/experimental/seasonal color)

So I mixed Peony (limited edition color) and Dusty Rose. 

And I got a pretty shade of pink in enough quantity to work!

Do not hesitate to have fun with the colors!

The colors from top to bottom are:

  • Ballerina,
  • Dusty rose,
  • 1: 1 ratio of Dusty Rose and Peony (DP),
  • And finally, Peony.

I had a different brush (4 brushes) for each color, and in between coats,
I kept the brushes in their ziplock bag.

After that, I put two (2) coats of each color where I wanted them to visualize my transition areas nicely. 

Blending looks easy, but it’s not.
So do a little bit at a time.

The technique is to take your brush with Peony and put a thin layer of paint to the bottom of the Peony and (DP) transition line and then take your (DP) brush and put some paint above that line.

Then with the Peony brush, go vertical, in circles, and then do the same with the (DP).
Meanwhile, keep your paint moist with your spray bottle. Now take your dry 55mm brush and continue to blend and soften by going vertical, circles, and horizontal until you don’t see a hard line.

Make sure you clean off your blending brush with a clean rag as you go.
Then go to the subsequent transition line. 

Continue this process until you get the desired results.

Step 3 – Finishing

Lastly, I used the Colorantic matte varnish all over the dresser.

Then I rubbed natural wax on the drawer slides for smoother movement, put on new decorative handles, and it was it!

We are here with the final look of our Pink Ombre Dresser.

I wanted a pink dresser, and I loved the ombre effect.

It’s not a perfect ombre, but I have no more peony to try again.

I guess we’ll be revisiting this dresser at a later date, with something new.

Until next time have fun!


Gillian Peddie



Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

Gillian Peddie

I refinished my first furniture project when I was 14. I continued refurbishing unused, unwanted pieces until I joined the military. Now over 40 years since that first piece, I find myself back here again. But it was the ' Anthropologie Enchantment Dresser Dupes' , that got me back into it !



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