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Paint a filing cabinet? Yes, it's possible! Discover how we did it! |peinturer un classeur

Paint a filing cabinet? Yes, it’s possible!

Want to paint a filing cabinet? Learn the steps to paint a metal filing cabinet with Colorantic chalk paint, because yes it can be used on metal!

Here are the steps to paint a filing cabinet:
Happy project!

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The “Holiday Season” package (limited edition).
The “Winter” package (limited edition). By purchasing this package, you can add some pretty winter decorations to your decor once the holiday season is over.

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Package 1: Holiday Bundle

Package 2: Winter Bundle

How to paint wood spools into patio side tables

Colorantic products are not only used to paint furniture, cabinets or fabrics, you can also create magnificent decorations… Let your imagination run wild. It is easy to paint furniture and home decor craft projects with Colorantic™’s products! Even if you are starting your first project or are now an expert, we are sure that you will fall in love with our products.

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