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Painting fabric shoes with Colorantic | Peinturer des souliers en tissu

Paint Fabric Shoes

Many of you have been asking if you can paint fabric with our Colorantic chalk-based paint. We decided to answer your question to satisfy this matter of curioisty. Thanks to MaryBerlue & Cie, a blogger from Victoriaville. She was up for the challenge and revamped her daughter’s fabric shoes using our paint and glaze. Trust me, you’ll be impressed with the results.

In her blog, MaryBerlue & Cie, explains in detail each step of the realization of its project. But that’s not all! She didn’t just use Colorantic paint! She added a touch of fantasy by putting some glitter! Her daughter now has glittery shoes!


Products Used:

It is quite a simple and easy project to undertake! All you need to do is apply the paint mixture and let your project dry well between each coat! This will ensure optimal results!


* Please note that the MaryBerlue & Cie article is unsponsored.

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