Give a Second Life to used furniture with Colorantic Products

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TV Furniture Chalk Painting

When we move into a new home, our existing used furniture may no longer match our new theme. The same situation was experienced by Youtuber Jennyfer Galarneau. Earlier in the year, she and her husband built their very first house.

With this in mind, Jennyfer decided to revamp her existing furniture. She worked on adding a new life to a used television cabinet, a base table, a pitcher, a ladder and last but not least, a frame.

Because when you start, it’s hard to stop!


Colorantic a Canadian Business

With Colorantic chalk based paint, she was able to upgrade her furniture at low prices to match her new home decor theme. 

The reason for choosing Colorantic’s chalk based paint is not one, but are several. Firstly, chalk based paint adheres to any surface, only the preparation will vary. This easy to use, eco-friendly and non-toxic product is the perfect tool for new decor!

Colorantic is the only bilingual manufacturer in Canada and is located in Quebec in Victoriaville. A team of experts answer questions and advise customers! With over 200 retailers, it’s easy to get them! But before you go hunting for used furniture, watch Jennyfer’s video!

Here is the list of product’s used:

In a video of about ten minutes, Jennifer explains the stages of realization of her various projects. The transformations of used furniture are amazing! We can’t wait to see them in her new home!

To learn more about this project, we invite you to watch the video below!

*Prendre note que la Youtubeuse Jennifer Galarneau a reçu gracieusement les produits Colorantic.

Jennyfer Galarneau

Jennyfer Galarneau


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