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When we registered for the Winter 2021 edition of the Contest Wave, we were delighted to learn that the theme was going to be ” Into the moon ”.
The inspiration was the monochrome range of colors, moon, galaxy and sparkles! We took the opportunity to invite Laurie, La bordel de mère.
We present to you our achievement and the stages through which this piece of furniture went, it was a great pleasure to work alongside Laurie, on such a creative project and to teach her more about Colorantic and its ease of use.

The products used

Colorantic chalk paint; Night

Oval Brush # 10

Velvet finish foam roller

Nail polish remover

Sandblasting block

Translucent glaze

Silver sequins

Colorantic chalk paint; Metallic spark

Step 1 – Clean and Prepare the Dresser

For the preparation of the dresser, we applied the Colorantic cleaner and varnish remover.
We will have to wait about twenty minutes for a good optimal cleaning and even remove the old protective layer of the furniture that we had chosen.

When it’s no longer sticky, it’s ready. The next step is to wipe our furniture well with a damp cloth.
The last preparation step is a good sanding, to scratch our furniture well, do not forget to wipe the furniture well afterwards to remove all residues.


Step 2 – Applying the chalk-based paint

This specific piece of furniture never had oil products on it, so we were able to go directly to the painting stage. We recommend that you always use a primer to prepare your furniture.
If you are not sure what type of product that has already been used on your furniture, use an oil primer.

You can also take the following test; take makeup remover pad and nail polish remover.
– If you rub on the furniture and there is residue, it was a water-based finish, you can use either of our primers.
– If there is no residue, it was an oil finish. You will need to use an oil primer.

We put two coats of the color Night all over the dresser.

We applied the metallic sparkle color to the old handles and to the wood details at the top of the cabinet.

To make a contrast of the night and sparkle color, all bringing out the magnificent relief of this piece of furniture.
We painted on the relief with metallic sparkle, and using a damp cloth we removed the excess paint in order to leave only in the background of the relief.




Step 3 – Make the glitter galaxy

To make the galaxy with our glitter, we put glaze only on the area where we applied the glitter.

Using the dry # 10 brush, we blotted glitter in the brush and shaking the bristles of the brush, our glitter stuck in random ways on our still wet glaze.

To create our galaxy effect, we put more at 2 specific points and the rest spread out more smoothly.


We removed the excess glitter and then applied glaze to the entire cabinet as a top coat.

This project is very simple to carry out for an apprentice dresser like “La bordel de mère”.
A little patience, some arm juice ’, some great advice from the Colorantic team and we have a complete dresser makeover!
All the products used for this achievement will be -10% off on our Colorantic website from November 17 to 21, 2021.
Thanks to Laurie Dubois alias La bordel de mère for our wonderful collaboration.
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Colorantic team


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