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How to upgrade your staircase with chalk based paint

by | Nov 4, 2020 | Decorative objects | 0 comments

Upgrading staircase

For 2 months now, I have lived in a new property with my family. Four floors of pre-paneled walls and projects in the making that thrills me a lot. After putting so much energy into removing all the wall paneling on the ground floor and in the stairwell, I suddenly wanted to give love to my new home by upgrading my staircase, that is, by giving them a little coat of paint. In this blog, I will take the time to explain the steps I took during this little project of mine.

Steps to paint stairs

Step 1

For the preparation of the stairs, I needed a lot of energy and arm strength. For better grip and better results, in the end, half a day of sanding awaited me. Let’s say that I had to be patient to achieve the raw result I had hoped for and that I ran out of my sandpaper reserve!

Step 2

I used painter’s tape everywhere! And when I tell you everywhere, it’s really everywhere on the stairs, praying for it to be straight… A big 3 hours to put adhesive tape and bitterly regret this crazy idea and then tell me that I should have repaired one of the many oars waiting for me in the basement or the office of my youngest son !!! In short, to tell myself that I really had no room to make mistakes since the staircase is literally the first thing you see when entering the house! It had to be done right or my boyfriend was going to tell me about it until the end of my days “do you remember the time you painted the stairs badly?”

Step 3

Finally, the part I love the most, but also the most stressful part, applying Colorantic Night chalk based paint. Three layers so it’s well covered and protected from wear and tear of everyday use! To ensure a perfect finish, I applied the paint with a small foam roller while cutting with the Colorantic Oval brush.

Step 4

Lastly, I removed painter tape and took a breath, finally!! All I had to do was put on the wax, but I ran out of time so until then, I hope from the bottom of my heart that the kids won’t throw a little car down the stairs and ruin them.


Several hours of work and a lot of thoroughness were necessary, but it was definitely worth it! This piece is heart-stopping and I have nothing but positive feedback about this makeover.

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet

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Peggy Bourque Ouellet

Peggy Bourque Ouellet

Peggy Bourque-Ouellet is a DIY blogger for Colorantic


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