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A Signature Colorantic Entryway!!!

Are you like me, always looking for new ideas to change the decor in your home? A new homeowner of my house for about 4 months, my entryway was missing a lot of love and appeal.

Having a bit of Colorantic paint leftover from other projects I decided to make a signature Colorantic entryway!!!!

And Why Not!!!

Here are the steps with a minimal cost of my entryway transformation in only 4 hours.👇👇👇

List of products used:

Preparing surface for entryway:

  • The first step consists of removing and filling any holes that might be on your wall. I filled the holes in my wall, and then washed my wall to assure that it is clean and that all of the dirt has been removed
  • First of all, I removed the baseboard. Next, I measured the width of my wall to be able to cut my 6 pieces of paneling to the right length. I hesitated for a bit unsure if I wanted to put the baseboard back but finally decided that it looked nicer without really highlighting the paneling.
  • Next, I cut my two pine moldings to the same length.
  • I carefully used green painter’s tape to protect my other adjacent walls and the ceiling.


  • I am ready to paint the top half of my wall. Since black is my favourite colour and is the accent colour in my home, I decided to do a repeat of the colour in my entryway. I had some Colorantic Night paint leftover from another project so I decided to use it. Colorantic chalk based paint is very thick and covers very well so only 2 coats were needed.
  • Next, I installed my six wainscoting planks from the ground up. Then I used a nail gun but if you don’t have one you can use silicone glue.

  • I also had some Cotton Ball left over so I used this colour for the bottom of the wall. Also, I applied two coats to the paneling directly. Since COLORANTIC paint is all in one (therefore already a primer in it) I, therefore, saved this step of having to use a primer.


*** Allow drying, Colorantic paint dries in less than 30 minutes. ***

Installing the molding!

  • Then I took two decorative pine moldings 3 inches wide and cut them to the correct width of my wall which is 62 inches. I put one sitting on the top of my paneling to leave more space for my future hooks. Then, I lay the second molding on the first to give a small shelf to place decorative objects.

  • In order for the paint to be washable, I still had some COLORANTIC varnish so I put two thick coats on the paneling and on the pinewood moldings so that the bottom of the wall was easily washable and to well protect the pine.

  • Then, since we have 5 children at home, I decided to use 5 white hooks from Colorantic.

To Finish

This is the result which is quite surprising! On a rainy summer day, my idea of ​​revamping my little entryway in just a few hours, I must admit that I am quite happy with the results. And you? Do you have any projects that you have done other than on furniture using Colorantic paint? If so, send us your photos so that we can share them and give ideas to our Internet followers.

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