Wardrobe and side table

I found this wardrobe on Marketplace for free! Yes,for Free!! and the little side table was given to me. I wanted to create a little set and my inspiration came when I saw a kit of decals that were on liquidation at the hardware store.This is when I decided to experiment with the decals and some Colorantic chalk paint..




Step One- Preparing your piece of furniture


  • A good sanding to remove any varnish…
  • Something I should have done but didn’t(was use a coat of oil primer)which means that I had to use more paint. I should have asked the fantastic Colorantic team for the steps before starting.
It is now time to apply your paint


Step 2 – Paint


  • Two coats of Night were applied on the side table
  • For each coat, I dipped my paintbrush into my paint then I sprayed  my brush two or three times with water.
  • I waited 20 minutes before giving it a second coat..
  • Next, for the white wardrobe, it’s a little more complicated… it doesn’t cover as well no matter what paint company you use. By using my primer I only had to apply three coats of paint. 



Step 3 – Protector and top coat


  • I used my sanding block all over until I was satisfied with the “destressed” look that I wanted
  • I finished by applying one coat of matte varnish, I sanded lightly with my sanding block and then applied a second coat of varnish.




And here you have it, for a very low cost I was able to transform an outdated wardrobe and a side table and now have a completely different set.

Myriam Provost


Myriam Provost une passionnée de Colorantic

Myriam Provost - Plan B Atelier

Furniture makeover workshop with chalk paint, a therapy that helps me fight my eating disorder! It keeps me busy and helps me not to skim!


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