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Reuse Old Cabinets | Comment peindre des armoires

Re-using old cabinets

Our veranda transformation is going well but to obtain additional storage space, we recuperated two cabinets that previously served as linen cupboards.

This wonderful color Zen from Colorantic inspired me to give them a second life.

This colour Zen goes well with the colour Nature that was used on the chairs. Two words that inspire relaxation, what more can you ask for!


Step 1 – Cleaning and updating cabinets

  • Remove the doors.
  • Apply our Varnis Remover and Cleaner to all surfaces, apply with the help of a paper towel, let sit 10 minutes to give it time to work.
  • Make moldings using( ¼  x 2 ½ MDF).
  • Apply one coat of primer using your roller.
  • Do a light sanding with your sanding block then wipe off any dust.
  • On the sides of your cupboards nail on your moldings using a nail gun.

It is now time to apply your colour.

Step 2 – Paint

  • Using your roller and your no. 6 oval brush apply the colour Zen on all of the surfaces.
  • Repeat this step if necessary.


Step 3 –  Protection

  • When your paint has had time to properly dry, it is time to apply the varnish using your foam roller and a Snow White brush.
  • Once it has had time to dry and for the best protection it is recommended to apply a second coat.


This relaxing Zen colour and the adding of moldings and handles gives these cabinets a new life.

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