How to restore a dresser with Colorantic chalk-based paint!

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How to restore a dresser with Colorantic and Bénédicte Girard


Have you been staring at an old piece of furniture that you love, but aren’t quite ready to throw out?  Why not revamp it completely with a whole new look!

Bénédicte Girard, our Colorantic Blogger Ambassador, shares her new DIY video on furniture restoration. She added fabric on the dresser’s doors and combines some beautiful colours of paint from Colorantic to achieve this fun and fresh Ombré look!



Prep Steps

If your furniture is on bare wood (here it was natural pine wood), you have no preparation to do. You are ready to paint! If for instance, your furniture has an oil based varnish or paint, melamine or plastic material, we recommend using a primer first. For this, you can use Colorantics’ Primer.

Development Steps


You are now ready to paint! Use one of our paint brushes or Velvet Foam Rollers and you are ready to start! Bénédicte has painted only one coat of Colorantic’s Grapefruit colour as the natural bare pine wood is soaking up the paint very well. However, most of the time, furniture will require two paint coats so remember that the lighter the shade of paint, the more coats are required.

Bénédicte has mixed our pure white Cotton Ball with Grapefruit to make an Ombre technique.


Final Steps


For the final steps, the top of this dresser has been painted with our Champagne Metallic colour. Bénédicte has applied two coats on the top with our Colorantic’s Velvet Foam Roll.

As a final protection step we used Colorantic’s Natural Beeswax, applied with our 16mm round wax brush. We started to apply wax an hour after the coat of Grapefruit paint had been applied. Colorantic’s chalk based paints dry between 30 to 45 minutes only!


Watch our video! It’s so easy to paint and restore furniture with Colorantic and Bénédicte!


Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

Benedicte Girard

Bénédicte, an influencer at Colorantic since 2019 is passionate about restoring things. We are spoiled to have her as part of our marketing team to inspire you with your own projects. You can follow her at


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