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peinture à la craie Bénédicte Girard Pamplemousse

Bénédicte Girard, our new Colorantic ambassador blogger, publishes her first video on refinishing DIY furniture with chalk paint. The talented Bénédicte painted with Colorantic paint and added fabrics to the cabinet doors of the chest of drawers. First of all, to paint this piece of furniture, she used different Colorantic products such as:

  • Grapefruit
  • cotton ball
  • Champagne opaque metallic paint
  • natural wax
  • 35mm Oval Bristle Brush
  • Bristle oval brush 55mm
  • Bristle wax brush 16mm
  • Lepage glue
  • Club Fabrics Fabrics

Preparation steps
First, if your furniture is on bare wood (here it was new pine), you have no preparation to do. On the other hand, if your furniture has an old varnish or oil paint or another type of material such as melamine, glossy metal or plastic. In these cases, there are oil primers to apply to the furniture without too many preparation steps before using the chalk paints.

Chalk paint steps
Now you are ready to paint! Use one of our brushes or velvet finish foam rollers, and you’re done! It was then that she used only one coat of paint since the grapefruit color is very covering and bare wood woods well. However, for less absorbent surfaces, we recommend two coats of Colorantic chalk paint.

Subsequently, our blogger Bénédicte mixed the pure white Boule de coton with the pink Pamplemousse to make an Ombré technique.

First, the table top was done with our opaque metallic paint called Champagne. It was then that she applied two coats of Champagne metallic paint with a velvet-finish foam roller.

Finally, for the final protection, a natural Colorantic wax was applied with the Colorantic 16mm round wax brush on the grapefruit paint, then, one hour after the Colorantic paint coat.
Did you know that Colorantic chalk paints only take 30-45 minutes to dry!

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