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chaise et tiroir

Giving a Second Life to a Chair and Drawer

The transformation of our new veranda is now coming to an end. I have finally gotten to the most enjoyable step in the transformation of this room, which is the decoration.

So far, I like everything and I am really happy with of all my choices. I am very grateful to my husband and my son for helping me complete all my projects, because without them, I would have had to give up some ideas.

To end it all on a high note, I wanted to give a second life to a chair of which I had a very specific model in mind. So I started looking one, and it was at my daughter’s that I found it, luck!!!

So far, all of the shades chosen; Félicité (custom colour), Nature, Zen and Cotton Ball evoke peace and serenity.

For the transformation of my famous chair, my husband suggested that I add a funky touch, and it was the very beautiful colour Pamplemousse by Colorantic that he chose. His choice really surprised me and I immediately approved it since this shade melded wonderfully to all the others.

There was a little something missing on one of the walls and I chose to revamp one of our very old drawers in our kitchen as a shelf.

Step 1: Cleaning the Chair

Spray the polish cleaner and remover on all surfaces. Spread it with a paper towel and let it act for 30 minutes (repeat twice).

Rinse quickly with water between each application and when you are finished, rinse very well twice to remove all residues.

**This procedure was necessary since this chair had an oil varnish on which made it impossible to even apply the oil finish.

Once the cleaning steps were complete, I sanded it down to make the old varnish as matte as possible before applying the oil primer.

Step 2: Cleaning the Drawer

Spray the polish cleaner and remover on all surfaces. Spread it with a paper towel and let it sit for five minutes.

Rinse well twice to remove all residue.

Previously painted with an oil paint, the application of the oil primer was necessary to allow the transition between the old oil finish and the new water-based paint.

Tiroir zen - Drawer

Step 3: Painting the Chair

Now is the time to apply the paint and this is where the fun begins.

Using the 55mm brush, paint small areas at a time as the paint dries quickly.

Once the paint has been applied, immediately squirt on water, let it run for a few seconds and wipe off the excess by tapping and swiping the paper towel lightly.

Repeat these steps until you achieve the desired effect.

Once the painting is finished and before it is completely dry, sand in different places using the sanding block and papers with different grits.

It is possible to add paint and sand again if you have not obtained the desired effect.

Step 4: Paint the Drawer

Paint the exterior with the colour Zen.

For the interior, apply the colours, Cotton Ball, Grapefruit and Zen…let your imagination run wild to produce the desired crackle effect, while following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Personally, I prefer cracking only in certain places rather than on the entire surface.

Step 5: Protection

Apply natural beeswax using the 16mm round brush.

A small part at a time, apply the wax and using the cloth, buff until it glides easily.

This is how the transformation of our veranda ends. Did I already tell you that I love uniqueness?! We gave a second life to a low-cost chair and drawer, we love recycling!

The choice of colours, the addition of a few decorative objects and the flowers from Dollo make this spot very bright, even on the darkest days.

By following all of my veranda blogs, you’ll find that salvage, patience, and Colorantic are the perfect combo to completely makeover a room at very little cost.

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