The transformation of your veranda is coming to an end.
I finally reached this long awaited moment. Time to decorate.
All the colours chosen up to this point, Congratulations. Nature, Zen and Cotton Ball, evoke serenity.
To complete this transformation into beauty,I wanted a ‘Funky’ touch, and that is how I came about choosing this magnificent colour, Grapefruit.
I decided to give this ‘Funky’ look to my chair, and why not repurpose and old kitchen drawer to use as a little shelf

Step one-Cleaning the chair


  • spray on the cleaner and varnish remover on all of the surfaces, apply with the help of a paper towel and let it work  for 30 minutes.(start the process again)
  • Rince of with water between each application and when you are finished make sure to give it another good rince to make sure that there is no residue left.
**This procedure is necessary for chair varnished with oil and where it is too almost impossible to apply an oil primer, in order to obtain the desired effect. .



Step 2-cleaning the drawer


    • Apply Colorantics Cleaner and Varnish Remover on all surfaces, apply using a paper towel and let it work for 5 minutes.
    • BRince well two times to make sure that all the residue has been removed.
    • the drawer was previously painted with an oil paint so a coat of oil primer is necessary for your new latex pait to adhere.
It is now time to apply your paint and this is where the fun starts.



Step 3- Painting the chair Grapefruit


  • using your 55mm paint brush, paint small areas at a time because your paint will dry quickly.
  • once your paint has been applied, quickly spray with some water using a spray bottle. Let it flow for a few seconds before wiping off the eccess by lightly tapping with a paper towel.
  • repeat this step until you get your desired look.
  • when you are finished painting but before it has time to dry completely, sand with your sanding block using differnt grains to give it a worn look.
  • It is possible to add paint in the areas where you might have removed too much paint and are not satisfied with the look.

Step 4-Painting the drawer (Zen, Cotton Ball, and Grapefruit)


  • Paint the exterior with the colour Zen.
  • For the interior of the drawer, apply Cotton Ball, Grapefruit and Zen….let your imagination flow to try and achieve your desired crackeling effect, while respecting the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Personally, I prefer the crackeling effect only in certain areas rather than on the entire surface.


Next Step-The Protection


  • Apply the natural bee wax using a round 16mm brush
  • Do a little section at a time, apply the wax and using a cloth polish until it slides easily



This is how the transformation of your Veranda ends. 
The choice of colours, adding a few decorative objects and some flowers make this area shine, even on the darkest days.  
By following all of my Veranda Blogs, you will find that recovery of existing pieces, Colorantic paint and patience are the perfect combination to relook your whole space at very little cost.

Diane Lavoie


Photo de Diane Lavoie une enthousiaste de Colorantic

Diane Lavoie

Married for almost 45 years, mother of two children and grandmother of two grand-daughters, I am now retired. Native of Delson, in Montérégie, my little family and I made the big move 29 years ago to come and settle near Mont-Laurier in the Hautes-Laurentides. Our dream being to restore an old house, we acquired a house built in 1906 and it was on June 21, 1992 that this great adventure began. I love decor and love originality, seven years ago I discovered a passion for the revaluation of furniture and various salvage items. Now that the house has been fully restored, I have great pleasure in personalizing it exclusively and at a low price.


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