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How to paint a buffet hutch with Colorantic paint

by | Oct 19, 2019 | Antique furniture, Dinning Room Set, Dressers and Desks | 0 comments

Painting a buffet hutch using Colorantic products with Benedicte Girard

Painting a buffet hutch is not that difficult and it is getting easier with the help of our Colorantic blogger Benedicte Girard. In only a couple of hours, this simple and old buffet was completely transformed into a beautiful project with eye-catching results!

Steps taken

Step 1: Prep

  • Starting out, as in any painting project, it is essential to properly prepare the surface of our furniture. In this case, since the old varnish was probably oil-based due to the shine and resistance of the varnish tending to yellow, I had to apply a fairly powerful TSP style cleaner (original TSP sold in powder or bottled in hardware stores). Plan to wear gloves. Leave on for 30 to 60 minutes. Rinse with a damp cloth then sand with the 2-grain sandblasting block (allow 2 blocks due to the size of the buffet).
  • Then, with this chalk based paint, I went straight to the painting stage.

Step 2: Paint

  • I used Colorantic paint colours:  Cotton Ball and different shades of blue: Nautical, Summer Storm, Mermaid, Caribbean Sea and Ocean. I used almost all of the blue shades available from the chalk based paint line by Colorantic.
  • After applying two coats of the colours mentioned above, I went in with random strokes without applying too much pressure (sweeping effect, wipe the brushes on a paper towel before application). Using a soft, clean cloth I created an aged effect on the furniture, following the direction of the wood. This technique had the effect of adding a few years to this desk which seemed too uniform for my taste.
  • Spraying water from a spray bottle creates a layering effect without too many brushstrokes.
  • For the metallic, I used the Sky Blue and, Gold by Colorantic. When painting the handles, I used metallic Champagne. These three metallic colours have given depth while creating an effect of richness to this simple sideboard.

The final stage, Wax

  • A few hours of drying later and we are at our final stage, the waxes!
  • The natural wax is always the one that should be applied first since we apply the wax to the entire surface of the furniture. In this project, I used an 8 oz of natural wax.
  • Antique brown wax was the second wax that was used. You don’t have to wait for the natural wax to dry. Both can be applied on the same day, one after the other. Brown wax is best applied with a second 16mm wax brush since you want to keep one wax brush for light waxes and a different one for dark waxes. Go with the brown wax in small areas to accentuate the corners of doors for example. So you will have a more natural effect. Do not apply to the entire surface of the furniture.



Your project is complete!  Here at Colorantic, it is now used as background furniture for when our team is shooting corporate videos at the warehouse.


Bénédicte Girard

Blogger and Artist

La Belle Commode par Bénédicte Girard

Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

Benedicte Girard

Bénédicte Girard owns a business called La belle commode. It is a Quebec furniture revaluation company. Proudly located in Rawdon in Lanaudière.

The one who adores vintage and period furniture restore its charm to furniture that is sometimes neglected for too long. It makes new with old, but think again, it makes old with new too! Bénédicte Girard knows how to give a charm of yesteryear, even to IKEA furniture! Formerly a nursing assistant, she left her stable job to pursue a dream of having her own business, and she has no regrets! She often thanks to her dear father who showed her how the tools work and who taught her and helped her during all these years. The love of furniture must run in the family! She often shows you her completed projects on her Facebook business page. And not just anyhow, Bénédicte loves to showcase her work before immortalizing it on the networks! She also shows her renovation ideas, her workshop, her blended family that she adores and her dog who likes to test the quality of the furniture but don't be mistaken, it's not just the furniture that occupies her! Colorantic collaborator since 2019, she knows chalk based paint very well! Be sure to read our blogs for inspiration!


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