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How to achieve the “Boho-Indie” style with Colorantic products

Our new blogger at Colorantic, has written her first blog on creating a “Boho-Indie” technique with Colorantic paints.

Bohemian decoration involves mixing and matching different styles, textures and patterns to create a unique and vibrant look. This decoration often incorporates elements inspired by different cultures and eras, such as Berber rugs, Indian textiles or vintage furniture.

In the current boho-chic style, there are references to gypsy culture, gypsies and their caravans, but also to Native American culture.

Colour Choice

For the choice of colour, let your imagination run wild and see where it will take you! For my project, I took inspiration from the floral patterned napkins that I placed on the sides of the drawers.

I opted for the Raspberry, Lemon Tart and Grapefruit colours from Colorantic.


I took out all the materials needed for the project: the paint, the cleaner, the sanding block, the brushes, a spatula, a spray bottle of water, a scraper and rags.

I like to lightly sand even though it is not necessary to do so on all surfaces. I also used the cleaner and varnish remover and a Colorantic sanding block for the preparation stages.

Steps to Get the Boho-Indie Look

  1. Apply the primary colour allowing sections of wood show through. The primary color used for this piece of furniture is Grapefruit.
  2. Using the spatula, I randomly applied the secondary colour, Raspberry.
  3. Next, I applied the Lemon Pie colour, using the Snow White brush.
  4. Once the painting was finished, I sprayed the surfaces with water. Using a scraper, I scraped off the wet paint to create the Boho-Indie style effect.


  1. Once the paint was dry I applied the Natural beeswax on all surfaces of the furniture.
  2. I wiped off the excess with a cloth so that I could buff the wax, allowing it to dry quicker. It’s important to change the cloth regularly, as it will become saturated with wax and polishing will become very difficult. 
  3. Finally, I applied the Black Coal wax to the corners and edges to create the antique and pronounced effect.

By following all the steps mentioned above, you too can create the “Boho-Indie” effect thanks to the fabulous Colorantic products!


A completely unique style that will turn heads! 

Bénédicte Girard, blogger

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