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How to Paint a Boho-Indie Style Night Table

by | Jun 22, 2019 | Bedroom Sets, Dressers and Desks | 0 comments

How to Paint a Boho-Indie Style Night Table with Colorantic’s Products

La Belle Commode de Bénédicte Girard, our new Colorantic’s artist blogger, published her first blog on Boho-Indie technique. This night table has been painted by Benedicte with Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Pie and she also used our Natural Beeswax and Black Coal wax. She added a beautiful printed paper cloth on the sides of the drawers.

Prep Steps

1st Step:

I like to lightly sand with a sanding block even if we know that it is not required to sand on all surfaces. I prefer prepping my furniture with a Cleaner & Varnish Remover – TSP Style and a sanding block as prep steps.

2nd Step:

Choosing colours.  Let your imagination guides you, and you will see where it will lead you! In this case, I was inspired by the printed floral paper cloth that I glued on the sides of the drawers.

3rd Step:

Getting materials ready. I decided to use Colorantic’s colours Raspberry, Grapefruit, Lemon Pie, Natural Beeswax, and Black Coal Wax. Paintbrushes, paint knife, water spray bottle, and a clean white cloth are other items I got ready before starting a delicious Boho-Indie style project like this one!

Technique Steps

4th step:

Apply the primary paint colour in order to let the wood show through. This time, on this furniture piece, Grapefruit is the primary colour.

5th Step:

Using a paint knife, I applied randomly the secondary paint colour Raspberry.

6th Step:

Then, I applied the Colorantic Lemon Pie paint colour with an art paintbrush such as the Colorantic Snow White paintbrush.

7th Step:

I moisturized the paint using a water spray bottle. After, using a scraper, I scratched the humid paint to give this Indie-Boho Style look.

Final Steps

8th Step:

Once the paint has dried (it usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes as Colorantic’s chalk-based paint dries so quick!), I applied clear natural beeswax on all the furniture. I wiped off with a clean white cloth to rub the wax and help the wax gets harder on the furniture.

9th Step:

Lastly, I applied the Black Coal Wax on corners and edges to create a rough Antique look.


Here you go! You too can create this Boho-Indie effect with Colorantic’s products!

Bénédicte assis devans son logo la belle commode et une commode!

Benedicte Girard

Bénédicte Girard owns a business called La belle commode. It is a Quebec furniture revaluation company. Proudly located in Rawdon in Lanaudière.

The one who adores vintage and period furniture restore its charm to furniture that is sometimes neglected for too long. It makes new with old, but think again, it makes old with new too! Bénédicte Girard knows how to give a charm of yesteryear, even to IKEA furniture! Formerly a nursing assistant, she left her stable job to pursue a dream of having her own business, and she has no regrets! She often thanks to her dear father who showed her how the tools work and who taught her and helped her during all these years. The love of furniture must run in the family! She often shows you her completed projects on her Facebook business page. And not just anyhow, Bénédicte loves to showcase her work before immortalizing it on the networks! She also shows her renovation ideas, her workshop, her blended family that she adores and her dog who likes to test the quality of the furniture but don't be mistaken, it's not just the furniture that occupies her! Colorantic collaborator since 2019, she knows chalk based paint very well! Be sure to read our blogs for inspiration!


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