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Working with vintage and romantic styles

I was looking for a new project to do.  When I saw this vintage curio on Marketplace I could not resist the chance to purchase it. Once I got it home its size left me a little perplexed because it would not fit where I wanted it to in my dining room.

But a friend inspired me…

Step 1-Preparation

I had underestimated all the preparation it would take to start my piece of furniture. This curio has glass shelves, each shelf had to be removed as well as the hinges, the handle and all the other hardware.

The previous owners had been very generous with the Pledge. Because of this, a good cleaning was needed. I used the Varnish Remover and Cleaner and let it sit on all of my surfaces to give it the time that it needed to work.

It was impressive to watch it work. I did a good rinsing two times with warm water.

In order to optimize the perfect adhesion for my paint, I roughly sanded all of the surfaces that I was going to paint. I then applied my oil-based primer.

Since my piece of furniture is made of Melamine, this assures the best adherence possible.

Step 2-The Paint

I had pictured this piece of furniture painted Dusty Rose, but with a few more visible touches, which would coordinate well with a floral background. To achieve this, I painted a few sections with the colour Grapefruit in a random spot.

Before the colour had time to completely dry, I immediately applied the colour Dusty Rose, in order to maximize the marriage of the two colours. I did a little section at a time.

When this step is completely dry I then applied a second coat of my Dusty Rose colour being careful not to collect all of my Grapefruit colour. I applied where needed with a small brush.

Step 3-The Protector

The next day, I was able to apply my natural bee wax with the help of my silk paintbrush. It is very simple, using my brush that is designed for wax I performed a movement going up and down and left to right to properly apply my wax. You could also have used a glaze or a varnish.
I should mention that the wax takes a little longer to dry. Depending on the quantity used, it could take a couple of weeks.

Step 4-The Little Touches

It was with excitement that I began my final step, which was the floral background. There was a mirror and I decided not to remove it but instead stuck the paper right on the mirror. One section at a time, I prepared each paper in the desired size before coating the surface with Modpodge glue using the Snow White brush. I then was able to cover the last layer with another coat of Modgepodge to solidify my paper once the first coat had time to harden.

Finished Product: The vintage masterpiece

My curiosity now has a gentle, romantic feel to it. Now I put the hardware back on and carefully washed all of the glass. These steps are necessary if you want your project to be perfect and not be disappointed.

The satisfaction that you will feel when your project is completed will be worth all of the time that you put into it!

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