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Coffee Bar from a TV Stand | un Coffee Bar de rêve


For a long time, I was looking for a big piece of furniture at an affordable price to create a Coffee Bar, I already had all the ideas in mind for the transformation.

It was when I saw this TV stand in the classifieds, and close to home that I knew I had just found what I needed.I knew the new color, Zen, from Colorantic would suit it perfectly.

Let me inspire you with my project!

Pantry Table


This melamine TV unit weighs a tonne! Since I wanted the focal point to be the interior of this piece I removed the two doors.

Preparing the surface, which in my opinion is the longest and most laborious step; I removed the hinges, handles and the bottom. I cleaned all surfaces and handles with Colorantic Cleaner and Varnish Remover and took care to rinse really well.

Then I roughly scratched up each of the surfaces using a 120 sanding block and dusted it off very well.

As the furniture is made of melamine, I applied a coat of Colorantic Oil primer so that the paint adheres well.


Using the foam roller, I gave it three coats of the colour Zen, and for the smaller areas I used the synthetic oval brush, it did the job very well. I thought it was important to get the upper hand as well, because I didn’t know which house it would fit into. I also gave two coats of the colour Cotton Ball, on the sides of the drawers as well as on the interior surfaces of the cabinet.

While this was drying, I was able to tackle the details:

-I painted the handles black using an aerosol spray.

-I measured and cut the wood lattes of wood that I recuperated from an old bedroom

-Measured and cut the wallpaper

-Cut and nailed the side panels

For the back slats, I applied one coat of Oil primer as well as two coats of the colour Cotton Ball. I installed them vertically, taking care to glue each end first, cuffing them and adding two finishing nails to the ends.



To personalize the Coffee Bar even further, I incorporated modern wallpaper with a touch of black that matches the accessories and the black handles very well. I previously applied ModPodge with the snow-white brush, then glued each surface of the wallpaper. A cloth and spatula were needed to remove the air bubbles.

I also carefully drilled a hole in order to pass through the wire of the light as well as that of the coffee maker, in order to make it as aesthetic as possible.

Pantry Table


So now is the time for the most exciting step; that of placing the accessories, installing the chandelier and giving free rein to your imagination in order to make your restoration come to life!

Here is a video of the project, do not hesitate to join YouTube and like the video 🔰🔰🔰


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Lise-Marie Pouliot


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