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How to create a cracked and worn effect?


Do you like antique furniture? Imperfect furniture with an aged and weathered look, I love it!

Everyone loves, or well almost, magazine sets where everything looks perfect. Everything in its place and where each decorative item has been carefully chosen to make the decor pleasant to the eye.The projected image makes us believe in an imaginary world! I have had the good fortune to visit several rough homes, if I may put it that way. I haven’t come across a perfect home, without addicts, without scratched furniture or without future renovations to undertake.

How to create a cracked and worn effect?

A worn effect that gives style!

Having cleaned several houses during my time as a housekeeper, this was a title that best described the job I was doing at the time. Well, there was one house in particular that was almost identical to a magazine, but my client wasn’t happy with a couple of things that she found aggressive. She wanted to improve the scenery to make it even more perfect. Let me tell you that this feeling of always wanting to make our cozy little nest more beautiful and more perfect is impossible to satisfy. Why? Because a lifeless house is not a home, it is a cold and imaginary setting. Over time, furniture ages, its history is written on its coating.

We can look at an addict and say to ourselves “here it is!” the time Roger drank one too many glasses and dropped his plate on my dresser “or” oh yes the pencil marks on the couch! It was autographed by my 2 year old niece “
Short! all of this leads me to tell you why I like to make furniture filled with imperfections like two tables. Not only is the job easy to do and beautiful, but also the way the styling will allow the tables to survive future crashes and fights is just awesome. Any future scratches or the like will just add detail. Personally, I’m too perfectionist to have glossy, sleek furniture to accept the marks of time. Much like my husband with his car, it hurts when my children hang up the furniture. This is one of the reasons I like the worn style so much.

In conclusion!

It may seem more difficult to put on a worn effect, but in my opinion, it’s one way to highlight imperfections. So instead of fixing your gaze on some annoying details, have them turn them into an attribute. In fact, the piece of furniture becomes a work unique to itself. The worn and cracked technique gains to be known and practiced for its unique and dated style.

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