Giving a second life to a dresser with 3D designs

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Dresser with 3D design

I have been working on DIY projects to give a second life to furniture. There are so many projects close to my heart. But the one in which I gave a second life to the dresser by adding 3d designs has a special place. 

I have decided to share the process of making a dresser with 3d designs with my readers. Therefore, I am writing a comprehensive step-by-step to guide you on that.

I hope you guys will find this article helpful.

Step 1: Find and prepare the dresser🎨

When you search well and at the right time, you can find beautiful second-hand furniture and sometimes it is even free.

For this project, I got the dresser for $ 35. I deep cleaned it inside and out with TSP cleaner.

Then I sanded quickly with 120 sandpaper, then wiped again to remove dust. I fixed a few spots with wood putty, then sanded those specific spots and wiped off the dust.

Before making your furniture, you must also remember to remove the handles. 

The preparation of the furniture is an important part.

On this piece of furniture, I had to do two coats of primer. 

I sanded the surface between each coat with 120 grit sandpaper.

Step 2: Main process

I did two (2) coats of Ballerina, with a light sanding in between the coats.  

The color just felt on point for the delicate nature of the dresser. 

The reason to sand in between coats is to help minimize brush strokes and give it a smooth finish. 
Now the fun part, I put the dresser on its back with the drawers in to make it easy to place my flowers. 

I did a batch of resin molds (the instructions are on the box, super easy) and placed them in different locations. 

I glued them down once I was happy with the location.
Then I went back and did another batch of molds, placed them, and glued them down.  

I would cut the molds partly on the drawers and dresser to give it a cohesive look when the drawers were closed.  
It means that I could open my drawers.  

I repeated this process until the project felt done.  

Once the glue had set, I could then paint the flowers with Ballerina.  

But it didn’t feel done. 
I decided to make the flowers pop by dry brushing them in Peony.  
I then finished and sealed the project with clear wax.

Then I put wooden knobs, painted in Ballerina, in place of the original ones. 


Pretty happy with my result.

It’s just about letting your imagination run wild.

In case of a hitch, you can always start over! You can also ask questions of Colorantic experts!

Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

Gillian Peddie

I refinished my first furniture project when I was 14. I continued refurbishing unused, unwanted pieces until I joined the military. Now over 40 years since that first piece, I find myself back here again. But it was the ' Anthropologie Enchantment Dresser Dupes' , that got me back into it !



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