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Giving a second life to a dresser with 3D designs

by | Oct 21, 2021 | Chest, Decorative objects, Dressers and Desks, Side Furniture, Whites and Light Colours | 0 comments


Adoucir une commode avec un effet 3D

Trouvailles et Préparation 🎨

Lorsqu’on cherche bien et au bon moment, on fait de belles trouvailles et on trouve de superbes meubles de seconde main. Parfois, ils sont même gratuits. Voici un projet que j’ai adoré faire qui vous apprend comment adoucir une commode avec un effet 3D.

Pour ce projet, j’ai eu la commode pour 35 $. En vue d’une bonne préparation, je l’ai nettoyé en profondeur à l’intérieur et à l’extérieur avec du nettoyant TSP.

Ensuite, j’ai poncé rapidement avec du papier sablé 120, puis j’ai essuyé à nouveau pour éliminer la poussière. J’ai réparé quelques endroits avec du mastic à bois. Par la suite, j’ai poncé ces endroits spécifiques et j’ai essuyé la poussière.

Avant de faire votre meuble, il faut aussi penser à retirer les poignées. Une bonne préparation du meuble est très importante!

Sur ce meuble, j’ai dû faire deux couches d’apprêt. J’ai poncé la surface entre chaque couches avec du  papier sablé de grain 120.


The real start

 I did 2 coats of Ballerina, with a light sanding in between the coats.  
The colour just felt right for the delicate nature on the dresser. 
 The reason to sand in between coats is to help minimize brush strokes and to give it a smooth finish. 
Now for the fun,  I put the dresser on its back, with the drawers in, to make it easy to place my flowers.  I did a batch of resin molds (the instructions are on the box, super easy) and placed them in different locations. 
 I glued them down once I was happy with the location.  Then I went back and did another batch of molds, placed them and then glued down.  
I would cut the molds if they were partly on the drawers and dresser to give it a cohesive look when the drawers were closed.  This meant I could open my drawers.  I repeated this process until the project felt done.  
Once the glue had set, I could then paint the flowers with Ballerina.  
But it didn’t feel done.  I decided to make the flowers pop, by dry brushing them in Peony.  I then finished and sealed the project with clear wax.
 Then I put wooden knobs, painted in Ballerina, in place of the original ones. 


Pretty happy with my end result, it’s just about letting your imagination run wild.
In case of a hitch, you can always start over! You can also ask questions of Colorantic experts!
Photo de Gillian Peddie portant un gilet blanc

Gillian Peddie

Gillian Peddie is a big fan of chalk based paint. She refurbished her first furniture project when she was 14 years old. Gillian continued to refurbish unused and unwanted parts until she joined the army. Now, it has been over 40 years since her first creation! Here I am again doing it. But it was “Anthropologie Enchantment Dresser Dupes”, which inspired her to do something again and thus reconnect with his passion for recycling furniture! Gillian Peddie loves working with Colorantic chalk based paints. "Colorantic products are simply perfect for all her projects", says Gillian. There's nothing quite like receiving your chalk based paint order. To finally be able to start this project of putting an idea into action! With old furniture the possibilities are endless. Brushstroke here, brushstroke there, miracles exist and are at your fingertips! You just need the right tools. She learned a lot from reading the technique tips. You can turn an old chest of drawers into a bench. You can pay homage to old family furniture. Having trendy decor does not necessarily mean buying everything new. Everything that is done with the sweat of our brow is always followed by greater satisfaction, and that is priceless.


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