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Giving Varanda a New Look by simply adding a Bench | La banquette

The Bench

Are you excited to update your veranda? Need more storage and dreaming of having a bench under that large window?

The time has come to add something useful as well as aestheticly pleasing.

By using MDF, my husband worked to create this magnificent bench. I restored it by simply chosing the colour, Cotton Ball by Colorantic.


Entry Bench

Once your project is finished, it is time to personalize your entry way.

About 20 years ago, a friend gave us a 3″ long maple board.

At the time, we had no where to use it so we carefully saved it for a later project.

We finally decided to use it to make our magnificent bench.

To conserve its originality, we decided to use one bench leg and we opted to use the colour Night.

The bench is very strong, because the other end is well secured to the wall.


Decorative Shelves

The shelves and brackets were made from a beam recovered during the demolition of our very old barn.

I painted the bench with Cotton Ball, a pure white colour by Colorantic.

Step 1 – Preparing Furniture

  • Apply a coat of primer to all surfaces using the velvet foam roller and the #6 oval brush.
  • Sand lightly using the sanding block, use the light grain side and wipe off the dust.

It’s time to apply the paint.

Step 2 – Paint

  • Using the velvet foam roller and the #6 oval brush, apply the colour  Cotton Ball, to all surfaces.
  • For the second coat, a few drops at a time, add water to the paint to make it easier to apply.
  • Apply two coats of the colour Night, on the foot of the bench using a foam roller.

Step 3 – The Protector

  • When the paint has dried well, it is time to apply the varnish using the foam roller and the small Snow White brush.
  • For a better protection, apply a second coat of varnish.
  • On the shelves and brackets, apply a single coat of varnish.


The colorful cushions enhance this bench with neutral tones.
Having the view of majestic mountains and while letting in the scent of nature, it is the ideal place to admire this grandiose landscape.
When we open the front door, it is now pleasing to find this beautiful bright space.

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