Farmhouse style restoration of a China Cabinet

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Upgrading furniture is my passion. For this cabinet with missing legs and yellowed windows, Colorantic’s Volcano paint colour was my inspiration to give it a chic and vintage look. Here is what I used to upgrade this solid wood retro piece of furniture.

china cabinet
china cabinet

The preparation


Although the Colorantic paint adheres well, a light sanding with the sanding block (rough side) is recommended to allow for the complete adhesion on this piece of furniture. Using a clean, damp cloth, it is important to remove all traces of dirt and dust with our cleaner and varnish remover. If you are painting the handles and hinges, you will want to give them a quick sanding too!



The transformation


Cotton Ball paint colour was used on the inner backdrop of the china cabinet, as well as on the shelves, to brighten up the interior. This neutral colour coordinates perfectly with the Volcano Grey used for the exterior. Two coats were enough to cover the entire piece. Once the paint was dry, chicken wire was installed on the inner edges of the doors (where the glass panes were originally) using a staple gun. The European paint brush was the perfect choice to use for this project.





To soften any small brushstrokes left behind, the fine side of the sanding block was used for a smoother finish. Grey wax applied with the 16mm wax brush has aged the curves and corners of the china cabinet beautifully. This gives it a contemporary farmhouse style. To further protect the outside, Natural Beeswax was used. The Colorantic colours have given this cabinet a new neutral, chic and trendy look.

china cabinet

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L’atelier du meuble vintage

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Claire gendron et son chien amoureuse de la peinture à la craie

Claire Gendron

Amoureuse de la peinture à la craie, et des meubles d'allure vintage, cette adepte de ravalorisation de meubles crée de magnifiques pièces sobres et élégantes. Celle qui est au coeur de l'entreprise L'atelier du meuble Vintage,  a plus d'un pinceau dans sa besas et sauras vous surprendre plus d'une fois avec ses créations uniques et charmantes! C'est encore une fois la merveilleuse peinture à la craie Colorantic qui est mit en valeur lors de ses sublimes créations, un produit performant et écologique qui adhère à toutes surfaces qu'elles soient poreusses, lisses ou lustrées* pour tout les projets originaux! Les pinceaux Colorantic sont spécialement concu pour l'utilisation de la peinture à la craie!  


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