Decorate a plant pot with Colorantic chalk based paint

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How to decorate a plant pot with Colorantic chalk based paint?



One of my neighbours had this flowerpot on her balcony. It was cracked and misshapen. I imagine that a few years ago, it would have been a magnificent item, but that was no longer the case. No one wanted this pot anymore except me, who could see its full potential.

There’s only one rule for sprucing up an old plant pot and it’s: Have fun! And that I did with this little project. Bonus: it only took me a few hours to complete.

Here are the steps to decorate any plant pot. 

List of Products Used



First, I applied some plaster to repair the structure of the pot. Then a little sanding all over the newly applied plaster and the rest of the pot was necessary. Importantly, the plaster must be spread with rubber gloves. We waited several minutes and let everything dry.


    Steps to Follow

    Secondly, we got to town with any colours that you have to hand. In this case, I used Colorantic Cotton Ball chalk based paint and I added some leftover chalk based paint colours that I had on hand.


    In the last step, I added a protection coat with natural beeswax.


    Finishing Touches


    Finally, all those who have seen this pot in person, really like the final product. 


    In Conclusion


    From smallest pot to your largest one, have fun rejuvenating your decor as you see fit. A little paint on your flowerpots can completely change the design of a room. Plus, it’s a fun, simple, and easy project to do!

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